‘Queer as Folk’: Brodie Avenges a Friend & Bussey Takes the Stage Once More (VIDEO)

Devin Way as Brodie in Queer as Folk Episode 4

Brodie makes an explosive mark in Queer as Folk Episode 3 — literally. In this clip from the episode, Brodie (Devin Way) avenges a friend and Bussey (Armand Fields), the reigning drag queen and matriarch of the New Orleans queer scene, performs a powerful drag number to “House of The Rising Sun.”

The performance comes at a pivotal moment of healing for the community following the shooting at the Babylon nightclub in the premiere. In Episode 3, “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” the community attends a memorial for the victims where their families are gifted with new cars. Brodie and Ruthie (Jesse James Keitel) attend in honor of their friend, Daddius (Chris Renfro), who was killed in the tragic event.

They sit in the audience in horror as Daddius’ parents — who wouldn’t claim their son’s body after his death — arrive on stage. Later on, before Brodie arrives at Bussey’s show, he blows up that new car in front of their house.

“I have a message from Daddius,” Brodie says. “Kaboom.” And then he rides off on his bike and heads to the party where Bussey is performing. Check out the intense moment and Bussey’s performance in the clip below.

Peacock‘s Queer as Folk reboot debuted June 9 on the streaming platform. Inspired by Russell T. Davies‘ groundbreaking show, the new series tracks a diverse group of friends in New Orleans whose lives are transformed forever in the aftermath of the tragedy at Babylon.

Way and Johnny Sibilly (Noah) spoke with TV Insider about the newest iteration of the beloved show, saying it will show the day-to-day of what it’s like to heal and thrive after this uniquely American traumatic event.

“Some people push people away when you go through trauma and other people draw really close to each other and bond,” Way shared. “You’re going to see the duality of the push and pull aspects, and how both of their heartbreak really pull them together into a trauma-bond type of situation.”

“And how they experience that loss in their own way and what that means for their own journey of reconciling what this person meant to them,” Sibilly added. “You have each other, but you’re also alone on an island when you lose someone. Viewers will definitely get to see both of those.” That’s certainly on full display in Episode 3.

Queer as Folk‘s eight-episode Season 1 is now available to stream on Peacock. It also stars Ryan O’ConnellFin Argus, and CG, with guest stars Kim Cattrall, Juliette LewisEd Begley Jr., Eric Graise, Sachin Bhatt, Benito Skinner, Nyle DiMarco, Lukas Gage, Megan Stalter, Olli Haaskivi, and Calvin Seabrooks.

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