‘The End Is Nye’ Sets Premiere — Get Your First Look at Bill Nye’s Peacock Series

The End Is Nye Bill Nye Peacock

Peacock is giving viewers their first look at Bill Nye‘s new series,  The End Is Nye, which sends the beloved “science guy” into the most epic global disasters imaginable.

Premiering Thursday, August 25, The End Is Nye explores natural and unnatural disasters and demystifies them with science in order to show viewers how we can survive, mitigate, and even prevent them. Hosted by Nye who also serves as an executive producer, each episode features a brief cameo by longtime science advocate and fellow series executive producer Seth MacFarlane.

The End Is Nye Peacock Bill Nye

(Credit: Peacock)

In anticipation of the series’ arrival, Peacock shared its first piece of key art featuring Nye surrounded by disaster-based imagery. “Right now our world is a very scary place, and yet full of opportunities to make life better for all of us — for everyone on Earth,” Nye shared in a statement. “Speaking of Earth, the big idea behind The End Is Nye is that for the first time in the history of our planet, we humans can control our fate. We can see the potential for these overwhelming disasters, and we have the means to avoid them. With science, we can change the world.”

Every episode will explore the mystery and terror of one specific threat in hopes of offering a way forward through scientific practices, something that Nye is familiar with after shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Bill Nye Saves the World.

Created by Nye, MacFarlane, and Brannon Braga, The End Is Nye is written by Nye and Braga, the latter of which serves as director. The series is executive produced by MacFarlane, Braga, Nye, and Erica Huggins. All six episodes of The End Is Nye will arrive on August 25. Stay tuned for more first looks before the premiere and mark your calendars for the scientific series later this summer.

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