Why the Songs of ‘Girls5Eva’ Are as Award-Worthy as the Show (VIDEO)

The big theme of Girls5Eva‘s Emmy-needing second season may be reflected in the premiere’s title, “Album Mode,” but for the rest of us, it’s Episode 4’s moniker, “Can’t Wait 2 Wait.” Because we are waiting for a full soundtrack release, Peacock!

But until then, fans of the girl-group comedy that should be on everyone’s playlist can groove to this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, above, showcasing the cast and creative team’s approach to Season 2’s tunes. “This season is when they really let it rip,” says Paula Pell, whose lesbian dental hygienist Gloria is back with fellow warblers Summer (Busy Philipps), Dawn (Sara Bareilles), and Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry) to record their first post-reunion album of what co-EP Tina Fey refers to as “so many great songs.”

And she’s not blowing smoke. There are so many clever, sharply observed, and flat-out hilarious compositions this time around, like Lil Stinker’s clubby “Who U Know,” as well as solid, radio-ready pieces like the season finale’s “Bend Not Break.” There’s even a “New York Lonely Boy” follow-up stuck in our dag heads!

Girls5Eva - Busy Philipps+ Sara Barielles + Renee Elise Godlsberry + Paula Pell

(Credit: Heidi Gutman/Peacock)

Of course, with any collaboration, the Girls5Eva effort is not without snags. Wickie and Dawn engage in a bit of one-up-womanship over lead vocals on a particular cut, there’s a compressed timeline for delivering the final product and a world tour could be in the offing. That is if the ensemble can get their messier-than-ever personal lives in order and make sense of what they want beyond their newfound fame. As Philipps puts it, it’s “more of the journey of finding not just their friendship and their talent, but also themselves.” And, if you’ve seen the episodes already available for streaming, it’s also been about the acceptance of janky feet.

Unfortunately, neither the actresses, Fey, nor showrunner Meredith Scardino and exec-producer/composer Jeff Richmond make any noise about the actual existence of a new cast recording. Given that we got one for Season 1, it would make sense to strike again. Especially since there’s one tune which we can’t mention here that is a perfect TV-MA female-empowerment anthem worthy of, say, a third-season renewal. We’ll also accept a Stevia spin-off, while you’re at it, Peacock.

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