Julie Plec Reacts to ‘Legacies,’ ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ & ‘The Endgame’ Cancelations

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Legacies and Roswell, New Mexico were canceled by The CW on May 12, as was The Endgame by NBC. All three shows came from The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec, and she called May 12 her “Red Wedding” (a reference to Game of Thrones‘ most shocking episode) following the day of cancelations.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spinoff will end with Season 4, marking the end of The Vampire Diaries franchise that has been running since 2009. Roswell, New Mexico ends with Season 4 (premiering in June). And The Endgame ended with Season 1 after airing its finale on May 2.

“It’s the Red Wedding at WBTV/CW today. Much more to say, but not today,” Plec tweeted Thursday. “Loads of gratitude coming for fans and cast and crew in future tweets. But today, we mourn.” On May 13, she fleshed out her statement, paying homage to the three canceled shows.

“To The Endgame, a show centered around two brilliant women played by two brilliant women, surrounded by an army of great men and women, led with kindness and grace by the wonderful Nick Wootton,” she wrote.

“To Roswell, NM, a love letter to cowboys and aliens (and gay cowboys especially),” Plec went on. “Birthed by the ridiculously talented @cadlymack and seen through to the end by consummate gentlemen Lance Anderson and Chris Hollier.” And then, came the Legacies tribute.

“To my beloved Legacies — after the Parkland shootings, I decided I wanted to tell a story about the young heroes who would save us from ourselves. Good kids living on the fringe who ultimately were the heroes of the whole story,” Plec tweeted, then thanking collaborator and Legacies showrunner Brett Matthews for being “the captain, fearless leader, brilliantly funny voice of (not to mention the heart and soul of) the show. The best work husband around and someone I am proud to call my friend.”

Plec then mourned the end of The Vampire Diaries franchise.

“To the cast and crews of all. Some who have been part of the family since Day 1 of TVD in 2009,” she wrote. “To the marriages that happened along the way, the children who were born, the friendships we all made and to hopefully many, many more stories to come.”

Quinct Fouse, Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd, Chris Lee in Legacies

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Finally, came a tribute to the fans of the shows, “without whom none of this matters,” she shared. “It has been my honor to be a part of telling these stories for you.”

Legacies and Roswell, New Mexico are just two of the many shows The CW canceled this week. Dynasty, Charmed, In the Dark, 4400, and Naomi all got the chop. Plec empathized with the cast and crews of the shows, honoring the work they’ve done.

“A final tip of the hat to our kindred spirits in cancellation at the CW,” Plec concluded. “What a run we’ve all had. It’s sad when the business changes beneath your feet. May you all find your way to your next adventure with the knowledge that you did yourselves proud.”

On the other side of the coin, The CW gave series orders to Supernatural and Walker prequels, The Winchesters and Walker: Independence. Gotham Knights has also been given a series order, in which Misha Collins will play Harvey Dent. It’s not connected to The CW’s Batwoman, which the network also canceled after three seasons on April 29. Jensen Ackles will executive produce and narrate (as Dean) The Winchesters, and Jared Padalecki (who stars in Walker) will EP Walker: Independence.