‘The Blacklist’: Red Suspects One of His Own Confederates Is Liz Keen’s Killer! (VIDEO)

As The Blacklist heads to Season 9’s finale, Red Reddington (James Spader) is getting more and more desperate to uncover the real mastermind behind the murder of his beloved Liz Keen (Megan Boone), a former FBI Task Force agent and the framing of the longtime unit’s chief Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix).

After many misleads, a number of dead bodies, and the uncovering of some involved in the crimes — the international criminal mastermind and FBI asset has finally come to realize that the person behind it all, is someone close to him, someone in his vast organization less than savory types.

In the above exclusive sneak peek of the May 13 episode, we see Red coldly interrogate his longtime accountant (and skilled embezzler) Heddie Hawkins (Aida Turturro), who absolutely protests her innocence of Liz’s murder. But when Red’s lawyer Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens) arrives with a witness against her, it seems that some skullduggery is definitely afoot!

Judging by Red’s suppressed rage and past actions, we suspect whoever is guilty will have a very short lifespan. Watch the full clip above!

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