Imogen Poots Previews Her Wildly Complicated ‘Outer Range’ Role (VIDEO)

It’s impossible to talk about Prime Video’s dazzlingly creative and often-confounding new Western Outer Range without spoiling something. Literally, every episode of the eight-episode series is strewn with twists and developments, some of which factor into later arcs, while others just hang there, waiting for a second season to be greenlit in hopes of a resolution. It’s also packed to the denim seams with terrific performances and the potential to rank as a cult favorite shortly after the first three hours drop this Friday.

Essentially, it’s the tale of cowboy Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) and his fight to save his Wyoming ranch. But the modern-day drama from creator and executive producer Brian Watkins zigs into X-Files territory early on after Royal’s discovery of a bottomless chasm on his property than may or may not drop into another dimension. Soon after that, the story zags into Twin Peaks region with the arrival of Imogen Poots‘ Autumn, a New Age-y backpacker looking to camp out on the Abbott land.

Outer Range - Imogen Poots

Then, well, we’d tell you, but you probably wouldn’t believe us. And really, the fun here is in saddling up for the ride and seeing just how far out things go. Suffice it to say, however, that everybody on the canvas — from Royal and his wife (a tremendous Lili Taylor) to their sons (Tom Pelphrey and Lewis Pullman) to their off-center, vindictive neighbor (Will Patton) and the divided town sheriff (a fabulously layered Tamara Podemski) — has something at stake, to hide or some plan to complete. Poots’ Autumn actually seems to have all three.

“It was really cool to get to play a part like her,” Poots told us during a recent Zoom chat, admitting that even she wasn’t sure if the character was good or bad. “I was sort of learning who she was in the duration of the shoot. Each time we got a new script, it was sort of like an obstacle course of different tricks to learn and fold into the character.”


As for what Autumn is actually up to, the French Exit actress admits “there were whispers” about her motives and that she was able to “put two and two together” as her truest colors (and semi-terrifying kisses) came to light. “There is a danger to somebody like [her]…I wouldn’t have wanted to play her if she was just, you know, a hippie strollin’ on in,” Poots adds.

We can guarantee, she is far from that. In fact, the enigmatic Autumn proves to be just as mysterious as the gigantic hole everyone is so concerned with. And potentially way more dangerous.

Check out our video interview with Poots for more above.

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