Tiffany Haddish Talks Playing a Cop in ‘The Afterparty’: ‘It Felt So Real’ (VIDEO)

In murder-mystery comedy series The Afterparty, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish plays it cool as determined Detective Danner, who’s investigating the killing of a sleazy pop superstar, Xavier (Dave Franco) at his own bash following his high school reunion.

For Danner’s grilling of the partygoing suspects, Haddish drew on some real-life experience. “I know a lot of detectives. I’ve even dated some. They’re just regular people. They make you feel so comfortable that you divulge information you shouldn’t divulge. And that’s what I was aiming for.”

In each twisty episode, Danner questions a different person, each with his or her own distinct recollection of the evening. The living yearbook includes former class president-turned train wreck Chelsea (Ilana Glazer), aspiring rapper Yasper (Ben Schwartz), and number one suspect: sweet escape room designer Aniq (Sam Richardson).

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One of the most fun parts of the shoot for Haddish was living out her elementary school dream of becoming a police officer. In a standalone episode that tells Danner’s backstory, Haddish gets to play her character’s early days as a cop in the LAPD.

“When I was doing that episode, it felt so real for me,” Haddish says, and then adds with a laugh that she had to tell herself, “Tiffany, you’re acting! But I loved it!”

The Afterparty, Series Premiere, Friday, January 28, Apple TV+