‘Star’: First Look at Lenny Kravitz on the New Fox Drama

Lenny Kravitz - Star
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It pays to have friends in high places—and if they’re feeling guilty, even better!

Grammy winner Lenny Kravitz costars in the new Fox series Star (premiering December 14) as Roland Crane, an arrogant music superstar whose daughter, Alexandra (Ryan Destiny, with Kravitz), doesn’t want to be his backup singer anymore.

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Creator Lee Daniels (Empire), who is tight with Kravitz, initially cast someone else in the juicy role, then felt bad. “There were just too many similarities between Roland and Lenny,” Daniels says. “I didn’t want that to lead to losing my friendship with my best friend, so I did the only sensible thing—cast the real deal. Except it’s not the real deal, because Lenny is far more talented and kinder than Roland is!”

Star, Series premiere, Wednesday, Dec. 14, 9/8c, Fox