Stanley Tucci Is an Adventurer Caught Up in Legal Drama in ‘La Fortuna’ (VIDEO)

Adventurer Frank Wild (Stanley Tucci) has made his fortune recovering — some would say plundering — cargo from shipwrecks.

La Fortuna. AMC+‘s six-part series inspired by a real story, opens with Wild finding a sunken Spanish frigate containing “what appears to be the greatest underwater treasure in history,” says writer and director Alejandro Amenábar.

La Fortuna T'Nia Miller and Stanley Tucci

(Credit: Teresa Isasi/AMC)

Wild (Stanley Tucci, above, with onscreen attorney T’Nia Miller) thinks it’s rightfully his, but he hasn’t counted on dedicated Ministry of Culture workers Álex Ventura (Álvaro Mel) and Lucia Vallarta (Ana Polvoroso), who team up with Frank’s old pal, lawyer Jonas Pierce (Clarke Peters), to get the riches back to Spain.

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Not for the squeamish, this British thriller streaming on AMC+ features an unstable detective targeted by a nightmarishly inventive serial killer.

A combination thriller, legal drama, and love story, La Fortuna has an “optimistic spirit,” says Amenábar, whose goal is to “entertain and cheer people up.” Sounds like we discovered TV gold!

Catch a first look with an exclusive sneak peek clip, above.

La Fortuna, Series Premiere, Thursday, January 20, AMC+