Hilary Duff & ‘How I Met Your Father’ Cast Tease Their Characters’ Love Journeys (VIDEO)

Have you met… the cast of How I Met Your Father? The new Hulu series follows Hilary Duff’s Sophie on her search for love as the future version of herself (played by Kim Cattrall) recounts that titular story to her son.

Even after 88 Tinder dates in one year, Sophie keeps going. “That’s why we love Sophie,” Duff says when TV Insider’s Kate Hahn sat down with the cast. “She still believes in love and still believes her person is out there for her.” But who’s her match? “The writers are very clever where you’re not even going to know that you met him maybe,” she teases.

Meanwhile, her pal Jesse “has a pretty nihilistic view point of the dating scene” after being “burned so badly” that he needs those around him to open up again,” says Chris Lowell who plays him. Then there’s Ellen, who has moved to New York to reconnect with her older brother, Jesse. Their relationship “is almost even better than what she had maybe imagined,” Tien Tran says. She’s very open to finding love after her divorce.

As for those already in relationships, “on the surface, it looks like they really rushed into a relationship,” Tom Ainsley admits of his and Francia Raisa’s characters, Charlie and Valentina. But “when you know, you know, and he thinks he knows.” Admits Raisa, “I don’t think she really thought things through” with how much time they spend together.

And Suraj Sharma’s Sid is in a long-distance relationship, and it’s not just the physical distance that could be a strain. “Their lives are changing,” he says, but “what holds people together?”

Watch the video above for more from the cast about their characters and the journey to love.

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