There Are No Happy Endings in ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Teaser (VIDEO)

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer 'Killing Eve' Season 4
BBC America

A new teaser for the upcoming fourth and final season of Killing Eve warns fans not to expect any happy endings. The dark comedy thriller series is set to return to BBC America on February 27, 2022. It will follow Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) after the pair agreed to go their separate ways in the Season 3 finale.

In the trailer (watch below), we see Eve and Villanelle standing back-to-back on London’s Tower Bridge, the location that ended the third season. We then get a recap of events from past seasons, with Carolyn (Fiona Shaw)’s voice-over stating, “People like us aren’t made for happy lives with happy endings.”

Killing Eve Season 4 Jodie Comer

(Credit: Anika Molnar/BBCA)

The teaser only provides brief glimpses of Season 4, including shots of two new female characters, one carrying a cardboard box and another who looks to have a dead sheep or wolf draped over her shoulders. We also see Carolyn spitting at somebody who undoubtedly ticked her off.

Finally, we see Eve riding down a beach boardwalk on a mobility scooter while Villanelle walks alongside her. “Wanna ride?” Eve asks before she disappears, leaving the deadly assassin driving the scooter alone. It’s unclear if this is really happening or just a dream sequence.

“After the emotional climax of Season 3, Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn are in very different places,” reads the official synopsis for the upcoming fourth season. “Following Eve and Villanelle’s exchange on the bridge, Eve is on a revenge mission, while Villanelle has found a brand-new community in an attempt to prove she’s not a ‘monster.’”

Earlier this month, the show’s executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle teased to Digital Spy what to expect in the final season. “Eve and Villanelle, having left each other in total turmoil on Tower Bridge at the end of season 3, are thrown into season 4 trying to figure out what they mean to each other and what their lives now stand for,” she said.

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