Paul Reiser’s Obsessions: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ‘The Americans’, Rachel Maddow and More

Paul Reiser visits SiriusXM Studios
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Paul Reiser has been on our screens for over 35 years, but always seems to be contemporary. The star of the sitcom classic Mad About You can currently be seen as Getty, the owner of the Red Oaks country club in the Amazon comedy series Red Oaks, which begins its second season on Nov. 11.

Reiser told us what he’s obsessed with these days. It’s a surprising list, with the possible exception of what he hate-watches. Given what we just went through with the election, we’re not surprised.

paul reiser, my obsessions, upfront, black mirror

Black Mirror

The funniest person on TV

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. No one can swear as funny as she does.

The show that makes me laugh

The Simpsons always has a good six or eight powerful laughs in each episode.

I love to watch

I love being able to cross off entire seasons from my list. I’m in the middle of Black Mirror and have been loving it so far. I know, I’m three years behind!

The show I miss most

The Sopranos. It’s the last time I really enjoyed appointment television.

The last thing I watch before I go to bed

Rachel Maddow, who is so smart it’s almost frightening.

raquel welch, paul reiser, my obsessions, upfront

Raquel Welch

The show I’d like to guest star on

I’d like to star on The Americans and wear one of those wigs and see if people really don’t recognize me.

My dream costar

Raquel Welch, but only if I was 12 again.

What I eat while watching

I try not to eat while watching TV. I’m too easily distracted.

What I hate-watch

The news.

Red Oaks, Season premiere, Friday, Nov. 11, Amazon