‘TWD: World Beyond’: So Far, So (Not) Good (RECAP)

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 episode 8
Spoiler Alert
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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for AMC‘s The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 8, “Returning Point.”]

The plan is underway! The plan is also going haywire!

As the group fights to be free of CRM, trouble brews in the artists’ colony where Will (Jelani Alladin) returns to inform Indira (Anna Khaja) of her son’s death. Both groups wind up in grave danger, and as the episode ends, it seems one of them might not make it out without casualties. Here’s how it happens…

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 episode 8 huck annet mahendru

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Leo (Joe Holt) gets the scientists on board with the plan to ditch CRM, and Silas (Hal Cumpston) and Dennis (Maximillian Osinski) head for Indira’s community to relay the plan to them. But meanwhile, Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) has figured out that something’s amiss in the labs, and she guesses, rightly, that Dr. Bennett has not kept quiet about what he knows. She takes a team and storms Dr. Bennett’s apartment, but by then, the family is gone — thanks to a warning from Huck (Annet Mahendru). That’s when Jadis calls for an evacuation drill to see “just how deep the rot has spread.”

With the plan started early, Iris (Aliyah Royale) heads to the rendezvous point while Hope (Alexa Mansour) goes to get Mason (Will Meyers). At first this appears to be an “out of the kindness of her heart” type of thing, but later, once they’re all safe in the biocontainment unit, she tells him that the plan doesn’t work without him: They’re going to use him as leverage, since he’s the general’s son. Cold!

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The plot thickens regarding the Perimeter Colony and CRM. Indira’s heartbroken over the loss of her son, and she tells her people they need to leave since CRM will now see them as a threat. But one of the co-leaders then makes his way to the labs and talks to Jadis, selling Indira and the group out in hopes of getting a place within CRM’s walls. When Jadis leaves, he says he knows that Huck is in on it, and she can either get him what he wants or suffer the consequences of CRM finding out the truth. She does neither: She kills him. And when Jadis comes back, despite Huck’s explanation, she seems suspicious.

Jadis sends soldiers to the Perimeter to wipe them out, as they’ve now been deemed a security threat. Thankfully, Will, Dennis and Silas manage to save them by creating distractions, which enables the group to take the soldiers’ guns and kill them. Dennis tells Silas to take his friends and head to the rendezvous. Oh, and Dennis was shot during the attack, so things aren’t looking good for him.

World Beyond Season 2 episode 8, pollyanna mcintosh as jadis

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The Bennetts escape by breaking the tile floor; there are old mining tunnels underneath, and from there they can get out of the facility. They also wiped all of CRM’s research data. But Jadis isn’t done yet — she knows the exits they’ll be coming out of, and she tells her soldiers to fire on the Bennetts. “If you see them or any of the scientists, shoot to kill,” she says. And Huck, still playing her part as a soldier, watches, concern evident on her face.

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