Would Michael C. Hall Continue Playing ‘Dexter’ Beyond ‘New Blood’? (VIDEO)

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) cannot seem to avoid getting himself into tight spots. Of course, when the Dexter: New Blood revival began, he’d been living a few idyllic years in Iron Lake, NY (under the name Jim Lindsay) and not killing.

But when we caught up with him for the first time since the Showtime drama’s 2013 series finale, he quickly has his first kill in nearly a decade and is reunited with his now-teenaged son Harrison (Jack Alcott) and things have been escalating ever since.

For Hall, stepping back into the shoes of the well-intentioned serial killer wasn’t a huge challenge for him. “I think the fact that the writers were able to hit that target, that honored our desire to do something new but also honored something fundamental about the show’s DNA and the character,” he told TV Insider’s Jim Halterman. “I discovered he was still there.”

To find out how it’s been for him to work with blood again on set, whether he’d like to spend more time in Dexter’s shoes as well as his history with TV Guide Magazine, which put him on the cover many times during the original run and is now on the cover of the November 20 issue, which is available on newsstands now. Watch the interview with Hall above.

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