‘Dexter: New Blood’: Will Dexter’s Son Follow in His Murderous Footsteps?

Michael C. Hall as Dexter, Jack Alcott as Harrison in Dexter New Blood
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

Dexter Morgan is proof that there is life after death. Well, fake death, that is. Eight years after the Miami serial killer of bad guys (Michael C. Hall, above) disappeared in a hurricane on the 2006–13 drama’s much-derided ending, the antihero is back for a 10-episode thrill ride. Says Hall, “We wanted to do something decidedly new but also maintain fundamental parts of the original.”

It’s safe to say the limited revival absolutely, uh, kills it. Picking up 10 years after the finale, New Blood shows Dexter with a new identity (mild-mannered cashier Jim Lindsay), a new home (charming Iron Lake, New York) and a new vow not to kill. For the past decade, he “has been committed to abstinence,” explains Hall, until unfortunate events in the November 7 debut change that. “This show is Dexter,” says exec producer Clyde Phillips with a laugh, “and people die.”

Michael C. Hall as Dexter, Jennifer Carpenter as Deb in Dexter New Blood

Dana Starbard/SHOWTIME

While Dexter has blood on his hands in the present, he’s also got to deal with the past, which comes back to haunt him both literally and figuratively. His late sister Deb (original series star Jennifer Carpenter) appears in visions as his conscience (Carpenter calls this version of her character Dexter’s “shame and his pain”). And now-teen son Harrison (Jack Alcott), whom Dexter left behind when he faked his death, has tracked him down at the worst possible time. (There’s still blood on his property from a fresh kill!)

As we see on the November 14 hour, the kid is angry with Dad for his deceit. And Dexter, panicked that Harrison could turn into a murderous Mini-Me, feels “a reinforced conviction that being in Harrison’s life will mean nothing but bad news,” says Hall.

Especially since it looks like Dexter’s “dark passenger”—the part of him that craves killing—has been reawakened. This episode also introduces wealthy local businessman Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown), a prominent citizen who may be involved with the kidnapping of a young woman at a nearby motel. Good thing Dexter is dating law enforcer Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), allowing him to keep tabs on things. “It’s probably not a coincidence that Dexter got in a relationship with the chief [of police],” Hall says with a chuckle. Old habits die hard, right?

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