‘La Brea’ Reveals Gavin’s Connection to 10,000 BC & Explains His Visions (RECAP)

Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris in La Brea
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for La Brea Episode 8 “Origins.”]

La Brea drops some pretty big answers in its eighth episode, revealing the “Origins” of Gavin Harris (Eoin Macken) and explaining just why he’s having visions of 10,000 B.C., where his estranged wife Eve (Natalie Zea) and their son Josh (Jack Martin), along with everyone else who fell through the sinkhole, are.

Going into the episode, we knew that Gavin had used his visions to confirm that everyone — including his friend Levi (Nicholas Gonzalez), with whom Eve had an affair — is still alive. During his search to find a way to save his family, we learned a bit more about Gavin’s past. He and a young girl, Ella, were found on the side of the road. Ella has some sort of connection to 10,000 B.C., with a sculpture of a hand matching the symbol seen back then. Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii) told Gavin to go back to the beginning (November 16, 1988) before diving into the sinkhole.

And now in “Origins,” Eve, Ty (Chiké Okonkwo), and Levi stumble across the young boy (Diesel La Torraca) they met from a settlement in 10,000 B.C. in the woods near their camp. After bandaging a cut on his hand, they bring him back to his people, in hopes of that goodwill scoring them points and information in turn to help them survive. But was the kid spying on them for his grandfather, Silas, whom they think killed one of their own? On the drive to the village, Eve gets the kid to open up, enough to give his name (Isiah). He’s seen Eve a few times in the past — when she first arrived, when she found her son — but he wasn’t spying, he says. He just wanted to make sure she wasn’t hurt. While his grandfather thinks they’re dangerous, he knows they’re not.

At the village, they learn Paara (Tonantzin Carmelo), whom Ty sort of befriended, is the leader, and she’s willing to help them with shelter and gardens and even introducing them to other villages. Theirs wasn’t always a peaceful village, she admits, especially when a sinkhole opened in the ocean 60 years ago and a passenger ship fell through. After years of war with the survivors, they finally found common ground and have since lived together.

Diesel La Torraca as Isiah in La Brea

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In Los Angeles, Gavin lies to his daughter Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) about continuing to look for Eve and Josh while he and Dr. Nathan (Virginie Laverdure) try to track down Ella. He also keeps having visions of 10,000 B.C., of Eve and Levi being kinda cozy (awkward!).

Isiah becomes quite attached to Eve and opens up a bit, revealing that he and his grandfather arrived a few years ago, but he’s not allowed to talk about where he’s from. Meanwhile, Levi snoops around the village and finds the wallet of the man they lost in Silas’ belongings. If he didn’t kill Eddie, why does he have the wallet? Paara tells them they’ve found another body in the woods, killed in similar fashion. The handprint is a symbol of protection. But Levi’s snooping gets them kicked out of the village … until a horn sounds: A woman has taken Isiah. Paara accepts Eve, Levi, and Ty’s offer to help find him.

Silas is the one to find Isiah, who was taken by … Rebecca! And the two adults know each other. He belongs here, Silas says, but Rebecca tells him, “You know how important he is.” Silas refuses to let Rebecca take Isiah. When the others find her, she’s been stabbed and Silas and Isiah are gone.

Back in the village, Rebecca insists on speaking with Eve, while in Los Angeles, Gavin, with Izzy and Nathan, checks out Ella’s house, near where they were found as kids. “Something about this place feels familiar, like I’ve been here before,” he says.

“The boy is special. There’s something he has to do. but Silas is trying to stop it,” Rebecca tells Eve. “What’s important is you find Isiah. … You have no idea who he is, do you?”

And yes, this is going exactly where you think it is. As Silas checks the cut on Isiah’s hand, Gavin looks at the scar on his and has a “vision” of Silas looking up at him. Rebecca told him his name is really Gavin, Isiah tells Silas as, in the present-day, Gavin realizes where he got that scar. He hasn’t been having visions. Rather, those are memories, from when he was watching Eve. “I think I’m from that world,” he tells Izzy and Nathan.

He is, Rebecca confirms to Eve, “and he needs your help.”

So did you see that coming?

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