‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘Memory Lane & a Dirty Little Secret’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 13 Brett Ryan
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Married at First Sight

Memory Lane & a Dirty Little Secret

Season 13 • Episode 15

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 15, “Memory Lane & a Dirty Little Secret.”]

Married at First Sight is nearing its next phase of Season 13 as the couples get closer and closer to Decision Day.

In the latest installment, “Memory Lane & a Dirty Little Secret,” the duos return from their couples retreat in the Texas countryside to evaluate where they’re at in their relationships. But while some make progress by sharing memories from the past with their spouses, others unveil some potentially damaging secrets in the final stretch.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the drama, so beware of major spoilers ahead.

Heading Home

Married at First Sight Season 13 Bao

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The couples bid adieu to their weekend getaway as they return home to their Houston apartments. Upon arriving, Bao is upset about spending minimal time with Johnny on the retreat, noting that he wants them to revert to Level 1 conversations. Meanwhile, early exiters Michaela and Zack organize to have meetings with expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz separately, but it turns into a group session in the end.

After leaving the retreat, Zack went home to his own place and ignored any contact Michaela tried making with him. While Michaela mentions her struggles with abandonment issues and how his leaving the retreat impacted her, Zack was quick to counter that her explosive reactions have become too much for him to handle. Eventually, Zack exits the conversation, something that Michaela points out to Dr. Pepper as feeding into those anxieties she has. When the expert asks Michaela about her shortcomings, she admits she could work on her reactions to intense situations.

Revisiting the Past

Married at First Sight Season 13 Myrla Gil

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The couples are tasked with sharing a piece of their pasts with their new spouses and writing a letter to their younger selves. First up is Johnny, who shows Bao some of his family photos, including an image of his father. Johnny admits that he has “daddy issues” and hopes that he can avoid living a lonely life like his father currently does. Meanwhile, Gil brings Myrla to his old neighborhood and shows her the apartment where his family lived, recalling the story about his father’s untimely death by shooting. In a personal moment, he reveals that she’s the first person he’s ever brought to that location.

Jose shows off his old childhood home to Rachel during their exploration and reveals some pictures of him as a kid, much to her enjoyment. Rachel also learns that Jose’s parents built the home, but the way he speaks concerns her because Rachel feels as though Jose looks down on his childhood. In a show of bravery, Bao brings Johnny to the empty lot where her family’s trailer used to stand.

She admits that there were tough times and during her letter reading, Bao mentions how her father had PTSD and that because her mother didn’t know how to handle it, they all had a rough experience. Getting emotional over the letter to herself, Bao seeks comfort in Johnny, who wonders during a confessional segment if he’s expecting too much from their relationship.

Myrla shares some stories from her past with Gil after a game of volleyball as she wears her high school jersey. Myrla shows him a photo of her old home growing up, which was no more than a single room with a tin roof. Gil sees that she’s had struggles and Myrla explains that she was very athletic growing up and sometimes struggled to get to practice on time without a car, but when she tries to use this to validate her expensive taste now, he’s not sure that’s a good reason to have the outlook on life that she currently does.

In a light-hearted moment, Ryan tries to share a part of his past with Brett by driving through the mud on a four-wheeler and fishing as he did when he was a kid. Together they share their letters and Ryan gets emotional when he recalls losing a close friend too soon in life. Ultimately, the pair feels stronger than they have in a long time, but can it last?

Doctor’s Visit

Married at First Sight Season 13 Jose rachel

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As the episode carried on, Dr. Pepper met with the other pairs following Michaela and Zack’s impromptu meeting. Rachel and Jose’s session is relatively quiet as they reveal they’re settling into marriage pretty well, but Dr. Pepper warns it can be hard too. She asks if there are any secrets, which viewers know by now Rachel has shared with Jose about cheating on a significant other in the past. In a confessional, Rachel admits that she lied about something during the night she was locked out of the apartment that she has to confess.

Dr. Pepper agrees to meet with Michaela and Zack again following their first meeting in what they’re calling a closure meeting. Together they discuss how their relationship has been mostly positive despite their explosive arguments. By the end of their chat, Dr. Pepper gets the duo to hold hands and discuss the possibility of talking things through more.

When Dr. Pepper sits down with Myrla and Gil, they’re open about the fact that they’re on the path towards loving one another, but there’s been no “I love you” said out loud. Gil admits he’s said it too early in relationships from his past, so he wants to mean it when he does. As for concerns, he doesn’t hide the fact that he worries Myrla’s views on money will negatively impact their future and family planning.

Johnny and Bao’s meeting doesn’t go quite as planned when he brings up that he recently spoke with her best friend who informed him that Bao has a pattern of manipulative behavior in relationships. Choosing to believe Bao’s friend rather than his own wife, Johnny seems to have made up his mind regarding the marriage, but Dr. Pepper tries to make him see that he needs to talk and listen with Bao in order to work through things. Needless to say, Bao is distraught.

Moments of Truth

Married at First Sight Season 13 Brett

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There are some revealing moments in the final minutes of this episode, beginning with Rachel and Jose. She reveals that the evening he locked her out of the apartment, she slept over at one of her ex’s places. Jose is unhappy but willing to hear her out as she explains that she waited to tell him because she didn’t want to have him think she did it out of spite. Despite this hiccup, we have a feeling the pair will be okay heading into next week’s episode.

As for Johnny and Bao, she asks him about his conversation with her best friend over dinner. Johnny claims he didn’t want to throw the friend under the bus, but Bao is upset because she doesn’t share certain things with her friend because they can be negative. That negativity seems to brush off on Johnny as he removes himself from the room, claiming that Bao just likes to pile on and make him look like a bad guy.

Finally, Ryan visits Brett’s apartment to discuss her childhood, but instead of opening up, she confronts him about being on a dating app. One of Brett’s friends told her that someone she knows matched with Ryan on one of the apps, and Brett feels betrayed by her husband who claims to be trying in the relationship. It’s Ryan’s lack of respect that angers Brett the most and she asks him to leave. She receives an apology text, but will it be enough to salvage the small shreds of their weak relationship? Only time will tell.

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