‘Sanditon’ Welcomes Charlotte Heywood Back in a Season 2 First Look (PHOTOS)

Sanditon Season 2 Rose Williams and Crystal Clarke
PBS Masterpiece

Sanditon is officially back as PBS Masterpiece unveils its first look at Season 2 with several new photos featuring fan-favorite characters.

Along with the images, PBS Masterpiece has also set a premiere date for Season 2 which will begin Sunday, March 20, 2022. As the countdown begins, viewers can look forward to new storylines and characters as well as returning faces, both good and devious.

Season 2 will pick up nine months after the end of Season 1 when some hearts were left broken, such as Sanditon transplant Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), while others were left soaring. The seaside town’s future was also uncertain, but time seemingly tends to heal most wounds as Sanditon’s popularity grows and new faces arrive. The first look photos, above and below, reveal the return of various returning favorites as well as some fresh new characters.

After departing Season 1 with heartache over being cast aside by Sidney Parker (Theo James), Charlotte is finding her way back to Sanditon with not just one, but two new suitors in town. This time around, her sister Alison (Rosie Graham), who is hungry for her own love story, accompanies her for the excursion as well.

Meanwhile, Georgiana Lambe (Crystal Clarke) is just about to turn 21 and is still making mischief in the name of love. Sanditon’s visionary Tom Parker (Kris Marshall) is also doing everything he can to rebuild following the events of last season, but secrets and lies of the Denhams make his job a little harder in the process.

Adding to the mix, the Army arrives to set up their base in Sanditon, adding another layer of intrigue as it presents new opportunities for romance, friendships, and challenges. So, don’t miss out on the action. Mark your calendars for the return of Sanditon next year, and stay tuned for more first looks as we approach the Season 2 premiere.

Sanditon, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, March 20, 2022, 9/8c, PBS Masterpiece