‘Bull’: Yara Martinez Previews an ‘Extremely Intense’ Season 6 Premiere

Bull Season 6 Premiere

Yara Martinez gasped when producers told her their plan for tonight’s dramatic Bull Season 6 opener. “Part of me was like, ‘Is the network going to say yes to this?’” she recalls. “And luckily, they did.”

The hour begins with newly re-wedded Dr. Jason Bull and Izzy Colón (Michael Weatherly and Martinez, above) enjoying a night out, celebrating the latest Trial Analysis Corporation victory with his karaoking colleagues. Then they return home — and discover their toddler Astrid has been kidnapped.


“We just come in hot after that,” Martinez says, adding that Bull wants to rely on the TAC team while Izzy would prefer to call in the authorities. “It’s extremely intense. [You] see this different side of Bull, and Michael as an actor — I don’t think he’s brought anything like this before.”

The weight of the crisis will linger. Bull reels from the realization that he can’t control everything, and Izzy, who’d sold her lifestyle company to focus on motherhood, feels even guiltier for contemplating a return to work.

“Bull and Izzy are really going through it this season. But at the same time, they just want to get through it together,” the actress explains. “They still have that banter. They still make each other laugh.”

Bull, Season 6 Premiere, Thursday, October 7, 10/9c, CBS