‘Rogers: The Musical’ Seen in ‘Hawkeye’ Trailer Features Real Broadway Stars

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Mary Cybulski/ ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved

Viewers have gotten their first look at Marvel’s next Disney+ series, Hawkeye, after the trailer was released on September 13.

Despite featuring Jeremy Renner returning as Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld‘s entrance as Kate Bishop into the MCU, the true star of the trailer was Rogers: The Musical, a fictional musical show Clint seemingly takes his kids to in the series. A reference to Captain America himself, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), the title stuck out to fans who quickly got the title trending online not long after the trailer’s release.

Hawkeye Rogers: The Musical

(Credit: Marvel Studios)

As the teaser carries on though, it reveals that fans aren’t only going to see the marquee with the show’s name, but a portion of the production as a brief snippet shows dancers and singers reenacting the Battle of New York that took center stage in 2012’s Avengers. While the scene is brief, some close inspection reveals that among the dancers and singers are real-life Broadway vets.

In a post shared to Nico DeJesus’ (Newsies) Instagram story, the performer tagged a slew of his fellow Rogers: The Musical castmates including Adam Pascal, best known for Rent along with a bevy of Broadway titles. Pascal went on to further share DeJesus’ list which was then shared by sharp-eyed viewers on social media.

Of the performers tagged in DeJesus’ posts, Rogers: The Musical features stars Pascal, DeJesus, Harris M. Turner (Frozen), Katherine Roarty (Summer: The Donna Summer Musical), Jordan Chin (In the Heights), Ehizoje Azeke (The Get Down), Ricardo A. Zayas (Hamilton), Gino Consculluela (West Side Story), Jason Macdonald (Aladdin), Meghan Manning (The Merry Widow), Tom Feeney as Captain America, Gabby Mouchakkaa, and Aaron Nedrick. While these are the stars DeJesus refers to, surely there are more involved with the project.

The revelation is especially sweet considering production on Hawkeye took place amid the pandemic and Broadway’s shut-down, giving several stage performers a chance to return to the spotlight for this special project. So, in the meantime, we’ll be readily awaiting Rogers: The Musical‘s curtain call as Hawkeye hits broadway this fall.

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