‘Narcos: Mexico’: Netflix Unveils a First Look at Season 3 & Sets Premiere (VIDEO)

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Netflix

Netflix is giving viewers their first look at Narcos: Mexico‘s third season which is officially set to arrive Friday, November 5.

The 10-episode season features a bevy of new characters including regulars Luis Gerardo Méndez, Alberto Guerra, and Luisa Rubino as well as guest star Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio who is known best as musician Bad Bunny. Together they join Scoot McNairy, José María Yázpik, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Hermosillo, Matt Letscher, Manuel Masalva, Alejandro Edda, and Gorka Lasaosa.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 cast Bad Bunny


Along with unveiling a premiere date and revealing photos, Netflix is also sharing a brief teaser trailer which sets up the action at the center of this next chapter. Set in the ’90s as the globalization of the drug business ignites, Season 3 looks at the war that breaks out after Felix’s arrest.

As newly independent cartels struggle to survive political upheaval and growing violence a whole new generation of kingpins are emerging. But as they each try to reach the top, new arrests, murders, and take-downs only put victory further out of reach.

From showrunner Carlo Bernard who executive produces alongside Sidonie Dumas, Christophe Riandee, Nicolas Atlan, José Padilha, Doug Miro, Andrés Baiz, and Eric Newman, Narcos: Mexico is also crossing over with its predecessor Narcos as former star Wagner Moura steps behind the camera as a director.

Joining him on the director side of things are Andrés Baiz, Alejandra Márquez Abella, Luis Ortega, and Amat Escalante. Don’t miss the action, when Narcos: Mexico Season 3 kicks off this fall, and in the meantime catch the thrilling new teaser, below.

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