‘Lucifer’: Tom Ellis on What That Final Season Surprise Means for Deckerstar

Tom Ellis as Lucifer in Lucifer

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Back on earth after heading to Heaven, the Devil (Tom Ellis) with daddy issues finds out he’s a father in the final season of Lucifer when—surprise!—a daughter he will have with Chloe (Lauren German) arrives from the future, shocking both the parents.

The fatherhood story arc gave Ellis the perfect way to bring things full circle for Lucifer…and himself.

Why was it important to make Lucifer a father?

Tom Ellis: We’ve explored all of these different relationships with Lucifer. The one thing that was sort of left out there was what would he be like as a dad? As a dad in real life and knowing what that meant to me when I became a dad, that changed me in my core. Having that relationship to explore certainly was something completely new. And knowing that there was something permanent shared between him and Chloe was poignant and special.

How did it feel filming this season, knowing it was the end?

The last couple of episodes of Season 6 were weirdly cathartic, I have to say. There were genuine moments onscreen where I feel like I’m saying goodbye to my friends for the past six years.

To film all of Lucifer’s shirtless scenes, you kept up a rigorous workout regimen for many years. Are you going to continue with that?

Oh, mate…I’m going through a tortuous routine at the moment, actually. I’m getting in shape for [another project] I’m just about to shoot. But, I tell you what, the day [I’m done], I’m going out for the biggest pizza and beer session that I can possibly imagine!

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