‘New Amsterdam’: What Can We Expect From Sharpwin in Season 4?

'New Amsterdam' Stars Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman in Season 3
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The moment we’d been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for finally happened in the New Amsterdam Season 3 finale: Doctors Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) kissed!

Helen closed the door before we could see what happened next, but… “I think the audience’s expectation is we’re not going to show them what went on behind that closed door, but I just want to assure everyone, when you come back in the fall, you will see everything that happened behind that closed door,” executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider. “You will not miss a single word or touch in that whole night of Max and Sharpe. You’re going to get it all when you come back.”

Sure, he said that at the time of the finale and things can change, but a photo he shared from set on July 30 in response to a request for a Sharpwin behind-the-scenes look (below) suggests that is going to happen. That certainly looks like Helen’s bedroom.

What we do know is we shouldn’t expect to see Max and Helen take a step back after whatever happens that night and continue dancing around each other. (We already saw plenty of that with their rooftop chats, almost-kisses, and very flirty voicemails in the finale.) “[Fans] should be worried about other things, but they’re going to get everything they wanted from Max and Sharpe,” Schulner said.

“We feel like the buildup has given us [and] the audience the right to really see what it’s like between them actually together,” executive producer Peter Horton (who directed the finale) added.

But we still expect there to be some obstacles in their relationship. Custody of his daughter — his late wife Georgia’s parents were fighting him for it — wasn’t completely settled at the end of Season 3. (Last we saw, he reiterated his determination to fight for Luna.) Hopefully that will be addressed relatively early in the fall. Helen spent time in England in the finale and learned what had become of the clinic in which she used to work; how much of a pull will there be for her to try to do something? If she goes back to England for any reason, let’s get some more flirty voicemails and phone calls now that she and Max are together.

But one of our biggest hopes is that nothing changes at the hospital. Let’s still see them clash, especially when Max gets one of his somewhat crazy ideas. Let’s have them still have those rooftop chats about the important things; perhaps they can decide to not bring work home with them so we see them discuss the professional at the hospital and the personal in one of their places? Speaking of, we don’t want them to be living together too soon, especially since Max has his daughter to consider. (Eggold knows where he wants them to end up: “Helen’s place is like a grand palace and I’m moving into that place 100 percent.”)

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