‘Y: The Last Man’: FX Releases Trailer for the Upcoming Dystopian Drama

'Y The Last Man'

The first trailer for the upcoming FX dystopian drama series Y: The Last Man dropped on Thursday, August 5.

Based on Brian K. Vaughan’s comics series of the same name, it tells how a mysterious event wipes out all males around the world. Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) and his pet monkey are the only two males left alive.

After Yorick is discovered by Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), the two set off on a dangerous quest to find out the cause behind the catastrophic event and how Yorick survived it. The women of this new world must figure out how to deal with the tragedy, as many are split between grieving loved ones and wanting to reclaim the world after the elimination of cis-men.

Diane Lane plays Senator Jennifer Brown, who seemingly takes over the role as President of the United States following his death, as seen in the trailer. Also joining the female-led cast are Juliana Canfield, Olivia Thirlby, Diana Bang, Amber Tamblyn, and Marin Ireland, among others.

Executive Producer Eliza Clark told TV Insider that many characters expect Yorick to be the key to human survival. “It remains to be seen whether he can rise to the challenge,” she stated.

As the show’s description states, “Only one remained… The question is Y.”

Y: The Last Man, Series Premiere, Monday, September 13, FX on Hulu