‘Y: The Last Man’ Executive Producer Previews a ‘Dangerous World’

Y The Last Man

What’s a rudderless young guy to do when he and his pet monkey are suddenly the only mammals with Y chromosomes left on Earth?

That’s the problem for Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) in Y: The Last Man, based on Brian K. Vaughan’s celebrated comics.

Yorick, accompanied by unexpected bodyguard Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), traverses through a “dangerous world,” says executive producer Eliza Clark, filled with “desperate, grieving people…who have different ideas on how to use Yorick.”

Among those people, she adds, are radicals “who celebrate the death of cis-men and women desperate to restore their lost world.”

Yorick is now the key to human survival, and his mother, congresswoman Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane), expects him to step up. Says Clark: “It remains to be seen whether he can rise to the challenge.”

Y: The Last Man, Series Premiere, Monday, September 13, FX on Hulu