‘Rectify’: Exiled Daniel Heads to Nashville as the Final Season Begins

Jackson Lee Davis/Sundance
Rectify, Season 4, Episode 1: Aden Young as Daniel, Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Sundance

How will it all end? Sundance’s slow-burn, critically acclaimed drama about Daniel Holden (played by Aden Young, above), a man released from prison after spending 19 years on death row, begins its final season this week. The series picks up with Daniel living in Nashville following his exile from his home state of Georgia as a result of his plea deal in last year’s finale.

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“I didn’t have enough people advising me that this was a crazy idea,” creator Ray McKinnon says of upending the entire series’ setting. “You have to create a new world with new characters and ask the audience to come along.”

New revelations in his case will inevitably draw Daniel back to Georgia before the show signs off for good. But since a major theme of Rectify has always been how the desire for answers often leads people to the wrong conclusions, don’t expect a tidy resolution. “I personally want Daniel to have a long, intermittently happy life,” McKinnon admits. “I just don’t know that he will.”

Rectify, Season premiere, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 10/9c, SundanceTV