‘FBOY Island’: Is There Trouble in Paradise for the Nice Guys? (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for FBOY Island, Season 1, Episodes 1, 2 & 3.]

HBO Max’s FBOY Island has officially arrived and it’s delivering plenty of drama in its first batch of episodes.

Hosted by Nikki Glaser, the show revolves around three bachelorettes — Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, and Sarah Emig — who are tasked with sorting the “nice guys” from the “FBoys” for a shot at finding love. The first three installments have set up a solid base as the 24 men introduced to the show were whittled down, revealing some of the competitors for who they really are.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments and reveals from the first batch of episodes, so beware of major spoilers ahead.

Episode 1, “FBoys Rush In”

FBOY Island

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First Impressions

Upon meeting the men, CJ, Nakia, and Sarah gravitate to some of them after Nikki tells them to select men they’d like to see more of at a planned pool party. Collin is shown the most interest, receiving an invite from both Nakia and Sarah. Later on at the pool party, Sarah shows interest in Garrett M., a contender who gives off big FBoy vibes that she’s not picking up on. Meanwhile, CJ is forced to use her safe word “pterodactyl” when Peter gives off weird vibes and she’s displeased when Jamie uses the word “toxic” in reference to her. Nakia hits it off with Collin and is uncomfortable when Garratt P. approaches them to steal her away for a minute.

Since it’s only the first episode, first impressions are key and they’re all over the place when it comes to identifying these men for who they really are. The next day, the women each choose someone to take out on a date. CJ has better luck this time around, making a connection with Casey who ends up locking lips with her during their paddle boarding excursion. Sarah appreciates it when Garrett M. opens up about being adopted as a kid, and Nakia is cautious around Collin but enjoys herself during a date.


When it comes time to choose men for the chopping block, each of the women selects their personal bottom two. Andrew, Paul, Peter, Jamie, Garratt P., and Collin are put on the chopping block before the women decide for good. Ultimately Peter, Garratt P., and Andrew are all sent packing, but the women’s intuition about their bachelors is a little off as Garratt P. and Andrew are both nice guys. Peter was the only FBoy to get the boot, but is there hope yet?

Episode 2, “You’ve Got Male”

FBOY Island Sarah Josh

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Dodgeballs and Drama

Things pick up in Episode 2 with a game of three-way dodgeball where we see the women interact more with the men. Following the game, CJ, Sarah, and Nakia choose their MVPs which include Chaun, Greg, and Jared. The episode also features some more mingling as we learn about the participants, including CJ, who reveals that she has two dads. Her closeness with Casey also continues as the pair share more kisses in his bunk. Meanwhile, Mark overhears Divij talking about CJ’s intellect and he doesn’t appreciate it. More dates proceed as CJ gets to know Mark better, Nakia takes time with Jared and Sarah bonds with Josh — they even kiss.

Some drama arises when CJ asks the men about who is “peacocking” when the women aren’t around. In other words, who likes to show off? Chris says Casey is a culprit, and since he’s been pretty reliable about information, she considers this statement. Chris also tells CJ about Divij’s less kind comments about her, which makes it no surprise to find him in her bottom two. But, what happens to the men who are booted? This episode reveals they’re separated into two living spaces as the FBoys are put in Limbro and the nice guys stay at Nice Guy Grotto.

Eliminations Part 2

When it comes time for eliminations, the men on the chopping block include Divij, Charley, Anthony, Israel, Chris, and Tariq. Ultimately, Divij, Israel, and Charley are chosen to leave, but there’s a little confusion when Charley calls himself a nice guy when producers have evidence of him declaring himself an FBoy. Despite what Charley thinks of himself, he joins fellow FBoys Divij and Israel as they depart for Limbro.

Episode 3, “Sex, Lies and Selfies”

FBOY Island Matt Mark Chris

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Fresh Blood

Just when viewers were getting comfortable with the contestants, FBOY Island shakes things up by adding three new men into the mix. Welcome, Jarred, and Jomar enter the game in Episode 3 as the cast partakes in a photography challenge. It’s clear that Jarred’s cockiness doesn’t mesh with the other men and the episode’s biggest drama unfolds between him and OG Jared as they vie for Nakia’s affection. Garrett, in the meantime, reconnects with Sarah in order to keep his standing with her. The episode also bids farewell to a competitor named Ryan who doesn’t leave a big impression before his medical emergency-induced exit.

Eliminations Part 3

Falling in the bottom spots this episode are Kevin, Jamie, Matt, Mark, Chris, and Fernando. When it comes time to pick the three men who will leave, CJ takes issue with Nakia’s picking of Chris and they come to an agreement to boot Matt instead. Jamie and Mark are also eliminated as all three men reveal themselves as nice guys. But before the episode is out, Matt takes a chance to air some dirt by telling the women Garrett is someone to look out for as he talked ill of them behind the scenes and that Greg has a girlfriend at home. Will these charges be taking into consideration moving forward? Only time will tell.

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