‘Mythbusters’ Props Go Up for Auction to Benefit Grant Imahara’s Foundation

Mythbusters - Grant Imahara, Adam Savage, Kari Byron, Jamie Hyneman, Tory Belleci
Benjamin Hanson / ©Discovery Channel / Courtesy: Everett Collection

For the first time ever, props from Discovery Channel’s longtime fan-favorite Mythbusters are going up for auction.

More than 80 authentic pieces from the series will be available for online bidding via the Prop Store to benefit the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation. The non-profit organization was founded following team member Imahara’s unexpected death in 2020.

The charity provides mentorships, grants, and scholarships to underserved youth in areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The auction is set to begin Friday, August 20 at 12pm ET/9am PT and will conclude on Wednesday, September 1.

Each item that was donated by Discovery Channel and Beyond Productions is part of the experiments conducted by Imahara, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, Adam Savage, and Jamie Hyneman during Mythbusters‘ run.

Grant Imahara Rahoul Ghose

(Credit: Rahoul Ghose)

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity to raise funds that benefit the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation,” said Carolyn Imahara, Grant’s mother and co-founder of the foundation. “I’d like to thank Discovery Channel, Beyond Productions, and Prop Store for helping us bring these artifacts from Mythbusters — some of which were built by my son — to fans worldwide, while contributing to a cause very dear to Grant. I’m proud of the work the foundation is doing in my son’s name, and I’m thankful to all the fans and supporters who are helping us with our mission to inspire and empower young and underserved talent in STEAM education.”

Among the items included are the mechanical shark built for 2008’s Shark Week special, the infamous “Robo-cat,” JATO rockets, and more. Some items also include autographs. There will be no reserve prices set in order to give as many fans the opportunity to own a piece of the show. Stay tuned for the action and make sure to register on the Prop Store’s website.