‘Good Witch’ Stars & Fans React to Series Finale and THAT Kiss

Kat Barrell and Kyana Teresa in Good Witch
Hallmark Channel

Good Witch stars Kat Barrell and Kyana Teresa made history on Sunday when their characters became the first LGBTQ couple to share a kiss on a Hallmark Channel original series.

While a kiss between a same-sex couple has previously happened in a Hallmark original movie (2020’s The Christmas House), this marked the first instance in a series. Not only that, but Barrell and Teresa’s characters, Joy and Zoey, are also the first LGBTQ couple to be featured in a Hallmark series.

The two stars both took to social media following the episode to share their thoughts and respond to the overwhelming fan reaction. “If you’re not making history, you’re not doing it right,” Teresa tweeted. “Thank you to everyone to [sic] helped this story become a reality and to everyone who rallied for it until the very end and beyond. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.”

Barrell, who was also part of a same-sex pairing in Syfy’s Wynonna Earp, wrote, “Thank you to each and every #GoodEarper who joined us on this journey and all the #Goodies who welcomed us!! Positive Representation changes lives!! Beyond proud of the stories we told on #GoodWitch this season.”

The two actresses also had high praise for one another. “You fill the world with positivity and beauty everywhere you go! You have the most gracious heart and I will treasure our time spent playing these characters,” Barrell told Teresa. Meanwhile, Teresa referred to Barrell as “the most kind & generous person Ive ever had the pleasure to share the screen with. This experience has changed my life for so many reasons and ur support has made all the difference.”

Fan response was even bigger, with many viewers ecstatic to see representation on Hallmark, a channel that hasn’t always had the best track record with LGBTQ visibility. In 2019, the channel’s parent company Crown Media Family Networks caved to pressure from conservative groups and pulled commercials featuring a kiss between two brides. The network later reversed the decision following backlash.

Good Witch star Catherine Bell shared a video on Twitter featuring herself and her fellow cast members thanking the fans for their continued support. The fantasy comedy-drama premiered in 2015 and ran for seven seasons.

Check out some of the fan reaction below: