‘Love Island’ Preview: Operation Heart Attack, Plus the Biggest Dumping of the Season (VIDEO)

Ready for a major shake-up — or two — at the villa on Love Island?

In TV Insider’s exclusive first look, two Islanders are taking a chance on love and host Arielle Vandenberg has some big news for the singles.

First, Operation Heart Attack is in full swing, with Olivia and Cash deciding it’s now or never. It’s “you opening yourself up, putting yourself out there, and saying what’s on your mind,” Cash explains, and yes, she confirms, she’s “terrified.”

And so Olivia goes to Will and admits, “I came to Love Island to speak my mind and follow my heart no matter what. I feel like we would have a really awesome life if we were to be anything ever.”

Meanwhile, Cash tells Cinco: “If I genuinely thought you were the happiest you’ve ever been, I wouldn’t say anything, but it’s like you’re pretty much everything I’ve wanted in a man.”

As for why this had to happen now, “we don’t know what tomorrow brings,” Cash points out. And oh, is she right. After all, Vandenberg has some major news for the Islanders. Watch the clip above to see who’s watching whose conversations and just how many Islanders are about to be sent packing.

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Love Island follows a group of Islanders, in the sun-drenched Hawaiian Islands for Season 3, on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately, relationships. The temptation of Casa Amor and new games and challenges test and strengthen the couples’ relationships, but they don’t just have to win over each other. They must also win over the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately choose the winning couple who can then walk away with love and money.

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