‘David Makes Man’ Sneak Peek: Do David & His Childhood Friend Reunite as Adults? (VIDEO)

If you’re a fan of the compelling drama David Makes Man, you know how important teen friends David (Akili McDowell) and Seren (Nathaniel Logan McIntyre) were to each other. In the second season of the Peabody Award-winning series, currently airing Tuesdays on OWN, we’ve flashed forward to David as an adult (played effectively by Kwame Patterson) as he continues to desperately try to make sense of events in his life. But still, additional glimpses at David’s youth have proven Seren is someone he could turn to, even if they had their share of conflicts.

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The actor will be guesting on show starting Monday, July 26.

Could Seren help David in present day as many of the same issues that plagued him in his adolescence resurface? We’ll find out in the July 27 episode, titled “Vizcaya”: Adult David, now a successful Miami developer, prepares for his gala, but suddenly thinks he sees his long lost friend. Since David often sees figments of his imagination, we have to ask: Is he really coming face to face with his childhood friend, or is it all happening in his head?

Watch the video above for a beautifully woven scene between the past and present to find out more.

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