LeVar Burton Shares His Excitement Over Finally Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’

LeVar Burton attends the 8th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony
Rich Fury/Getty Images

From Emmy-nominated actor to children’s television host to movie director to Grammy-winning Spoken Word artist, LeVar Burton has nearly done it all in his career. However, one dream has alluded him until now, and that is to host Jeopardy! But that is about to change.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation actor — and self-confessed Jeopardy! superfan — finally gets his go at hosting the long-running quiz show Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30, as the conveyor belt of guest hosts keeps moving. Burton and his fans have actively been campaigning for the Reading Rainbow host to permanently take over from the late Alex Trebek.

Burton’s excitement to begin his guest-hosting role next week is evident by his Twitter feed. The Roots star has tweeted several times about the show and responded to fans who have shared their support for achieving his dream gig.

The fans are equally as excited, with many counting down the days until Burton takes the show’s reins.

Burton’s Star Trek co-star, William Shatner, recently endorsed his former co-worker’s quest to become Jeopardy! host. “LeVar would do well in anything. He’s a, he’s a lovely, young man—a lovely older man,” Shatner told Newsweek when asked about Burton’s campaign. “He can do it. He’s very intelligent. He’s very motivated. He’s a lovely man. He will be successful at anything he does.”

In June, Burton spoke to the New York Times Magazine about his passion for the Jeopardy! job, stating, “Jeopardy! is a cultural touchstone, and for a Black man to occupy that podium is significant.” He also said “it will hurt” if he doesn’t get the gig.

“I’m not going to lie,” he said. “But if that happens, I will get over it. I will be fine. Remember: Everything happens perfectly and for a reason. That is my default. It’s all going to be OK. Because it always is.”

LeVar Burton guest hosts Jeopardy! Monday, July 26-Friday, July, 30