Inside ‘Destination Fear’s Terrifying Visit to ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ Prison

Chelsea Laden, Alex Schroeder, Tanner Wiseman and Dakota Laden at Ohio State Reformatory, as seen on Travel Channel's Destination Fear

Do you have what it takes to venture into the country’s most haunted asylums, prisons and manors — and spend the night alone? The paranormal thrill-seekers that drive the popular road trip series Destination Fear, are that brave.

In the August 14 episode, Chelsea Laden, Alex Schroeder, Tanner Wiseman, and Chelsea’s brother, Dakota travel to Ohio State Reformatory, the massive, decomposing, and deserted prison known best as a set piece in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption.

They tour the imposing six-tier East Cell Block and the paranormally active solitary confinement area, which spooked Dakota even more: “I had heard stories of women being picked on in there, and I put it to the test with my sister,” he teases. “[A voice] was threatening her.”

Keep your lights on for what comes next. As usual, team members go solo to (not) sleep and spend three to five hours with just a flashlight, walkie-talkie, and camera. Tanner, who chose this locale, gets experimental — emphasis on mental. He decides two of the four will get shackled in a cell, unable to run — their fates chosen by lottery.

“That was a whole new level of fear,” says Dakota, admitting there was friction in the revenge-minded group afterward. “It was pretty messed up.”

Destination Fear, Saturday, August 14, 9/8c, Travel Channel