‘Destination Fear’: Paranormal Explorer Dakota Laden Takes a Terrifying Road Trip

Travel Channel's Destination Fear
Courtesy of Travel Channel

Travel Channel is upping the ante on what it means to be scared with its brand-new, heart-palpitating series, Destination Fear, premiering on Saturday, October 26. The 10-episode series may be the most terrifying road trip ever attempted.

Paranormal explorer and documentary filmmaker Dakota Laden – who has spent the last few years investigating the frightening unknown with the Ghost Adventures crew, is taking his sister, Chelsea Laden, and best friend, Tanner Wiseman, across the country in an RV to spend the night in the most haunted abandoned locations in America.

On each hour-long episode they travel to a different destination in the United States, from asylums to prisons and more. The location remains a surprise to all but Dakota. Not knowing the haunted horrors that await them, it’s a road trip driven by suspense and fueled by excitement.

Pursuing paranormal evidence, the team must first overcome fear itself.

Dakota Laden / Courtesy of Travel Channel

The team explores each haunted location together, zoning in on areas of reported paranormal activity and using scientific equipment to try and capture evidence. Then, the luck of the draw determines where each one will sleep overnight – separated and alone.

Armed with cameras and dread as their only companions, the team members will test the limits of their own fears in an effort to ultimately understand the paranormal.

Alex Schroeder, Chelsea Laden, Dakota Laden & Tanner Wiseman / Courtesy of Travel Channel

In the series premiere, Dakota surprises Chelsea and Tanner with the news that they are headed to Brushy State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee, known as the “Alcatraz of the South.”

Bearing witness to more than 10,000 deaths and housing James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King Jr., as one of its former inmates, Brushy is rife with paranormal activity.

Tanner Wiseman / Courtesy of Travel Channel

But when Chelsea has a shocking confrontation with an entity inside Ray’s cell, and Tanner is threatened by something unknown, Dakota’s “fear” experiment takes a terrifying turn.

Destination Fear, Premiere, Saturday, October 26, 10/9c, Travel Channel