Emily Mortimer on the Ahead-of-Their-Time Women of ‘The Pursuit of Love’

Andrew Scott Lily James Pursuit of Love
Robert Viglasky/Amazon Studios
Robert Viglasky/Amazon Studios

Lily James and Emily Beecham prove to be a delightful pair as Linda Radlett and Fanny Logan, cousins and best friends trying to navigate matters of the heart in this vivacious three-part adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s classic 1945 novel.

Set in London between the two world wars, the series has moments of levity, “but it’s also about the pain and confusion of trying to work out how to exist in the world,” says The Pursuit of Love writer-director Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom), who also appears in a key role tied to the very ahead-of-their-time women. “Fanny is the careful, considered, observant one, whereas Linda lives every day as if there is no tomorrow and is passionately committed to the notion of finding true love.”

And while that path is never an easy one, Mortimer makes this a joyful journey to take with a stellar cast, including Fleabag’s Andrew Scott (above, with James) and The Affair’s Dominic West.

“My guiding principle,” says Mortimer, “was to make [the show] as enjoyable and entertaining to watch as it is to read.”

The Pursuit of Love, Series Premiere, Friday, September 30, Amazon Prime Video