Jack O’Connell Braves the Arctic in ‘The North Water’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Get ready to hit the arctic seas in AMC+’s upcoming drama The North Water, set to debut Thursday, July 15.

The series starring Jack O’Connell (Unbroken), Colin Farrell (True Detective), and Stephen Graham (Line of Duty) is based on the acclaimed novel by Ian McGuire, and follows the story of O’Connell’s Patrick Sumner, a disgraced army surgeon who signs up for a whaling expedition to the Arctic as the ship’s doctor.

In an exclusive first look clip above, Patrick contemplates his journey through such a treacherous landscape. “It is a grave mistake to think too much,” his narration begins. “Why whaling? There is no reason,” he adds, noting that life “should be lived through.”

Helping him stay alive and alert aboard the ship are his crewmates, including harpooner Henry Drax (Farrell), who is described as a “brutal force of nature.” As the season plays out, viewers will see how the true purpose of the whaling expedition becomes clear and sparks confrontation between Henry and Patrick.

The Nroth Water Colin Farrell

(Credit: Nick Wall/BBC Studios/AMC+)

Adapted and directed by Andrew Haigh, The North Water features five episodes with new installments dropping weekly through Thursday, August 12.

You won’t want to miss the series’ jaw-dropping shots of the Arctic landscape, where the cast and crew primarily shot on-location. Take a peek at the clip, above, and stream The North Water on AMC+.

The North Water, Series Premiere, Thursday, July 15, AMC+