’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: A Date Night Goes Awry (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 11 “Man Up or Shut Up.”]

Surprisingly, the couple who splits up prior to an operation isn’t the one in the worst position by the end of the July 11 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (which doesn’t exactly surprise us).

Natalie goes in for her surgery on her nose, while the problems that arose between Angela and Michael after her surgery continue to be a point of contention. Elsewhere, two trips — Tiffany’s to South Africa and Elizabeth’s family reunion — are still going pretty much as we expect (badly).

Read on to find out where your favorite 90 Day couples are by the end of Episode 11.

Natalie and Mike

On the day of Natalie’s surgery, Mike leaves their hotel room alone…because she went to her friend’s the night before after they argued. She took his truck, and once he tracks it down in the parking lot, he gets in and drives off, deciding to leave Natalie to find her own way home after the surgery!?

As Mike goes on to explain, he had to get away after feeling not needed or wanted. But he soon realizes that won’t solve anything and returns to pick her up (while also blaming her for ditching him in the first place). What’s important is that she comes out of the surgery, he insists, and after he brings her home, he does take care of her (bringing her the bag she requested, then ignored, and something to eat). Mike decides not to bring up what happened, but something tells us that the way Natalie closes the bedroom door after he leaves is indicative of a blow-up coming sooner rather than later.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 11 Natalie


Elizabeth and Andrei

The RV trip from hell continues, and the latest tension comes when Andrei can’t drive the vehicle down the narrow streets near the Airbnb Elizabeth got them in DC. The solution: a hotel. After Andrei blames Elizabeth even though the owner of the Airbnb insisted there’d be room for an RV, her sisters suggest she just leave it to him to book arrangements for the duration of their marriage.

The first family reunion is with Elizabeth’s aunt, Sue, and grandfather, Charles, at the former’s house. Since this is also where Elizabeth’s brother Charlie joins them, you can imagine that the fighting between him and Andrei starts pretty much immediately. Charlie brings up Andrei wanting a loan from his father, Chuck, the conversation turns to helping out family, and it’s all a mess. Elizabeth thinks her brother’s deliberately trying to sabotage her husband. And to think, the actual family reunion, with more people, is the following day.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 11 Elizabeth Family


Yara and Jovi

Jovi comes home, with his wife Yara, their four-month-old daughter Mylah, his mom Gwen, and his stepfather Monty, picking him up from the airport. And after that, it’s time for him to see his new home for the first time; Yara had to handle the move herself when their lease was up and she hasn’t told him anything about it. Considering he wanted to be only 10 minutes from the city and that’s definitely not the case, we can’t blame her. But as she sees it, he’s a married man and he doesn’t need bars nearby.

“It’s OK,” Jovi says, “but where are we? We’re literally in the middle of the woods. I can’t live in the middle of nowhere.” This isn’t the marriage he expected, he admits, and it’s not going to be easy for him to adapt to everything Yara changed.

Tiffany and Ronald

After Ronald spent too much grocery shopping, he does the same thing when he, Tiffany, and the kids buy Christmas decorations. (For example, there are two options for trees; Ronald gets his way by asking her son Daniel to choose. Obviously, the kid’s going to choose the splashier one.) At checkout, the total comes to about $680, but Ronald sees no problem since he has his credit card. Tiffany knows he’ll have a hard time paying that off, and with his history of gambling and debt, she’s worried. If he keeps making stupid decisions, she’s not planning to stay in South Africa for Christmas.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 11 Tiffany


But when Ronald’s mom, Ria, joins them on a family outing to see elephants, he’s suddenly “super dad,” much to Tiffany’s surprise. When she confides in Ria about the financial situation and the lack of help with the kids she’s gotten from Ronald, his mom suggests he was just trying to impress Daniel and is adjusting to being a father in person. Ria offers to take the kids for the night to give the couple some time together, and while Tiffany appreciates it, Ronald’s not happy about that — or the women’s talk.

In fact, when they do go out for dinner, he tries to toast to happiness, but she just needs more of an effort on his part. Their nice night out quickly turns sour (especially when he says he’s the man of the house), she feels like Daniel would handle a mature conversation better than her husband, and Ronald walks away, leaving her alone in the restaurant. Uh-oh.

Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani has more than one reason to be upset with Asuelu by the end of this episode. First, he lets her know he wants to have more kids (say, five) by telling the salesman at a car dealership as he looks to get a minivan to replace his car. (It’s been a month since his accident.) Kids are expensive, she argues, and they don’t even have their own place yet. He thinks they should make decisions together since they’re married, but as she points out, she’s the one who would be carrying all these babies — and she doesn’t want another one.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 11 Kalani Asuelu


Then, when he FaceTimes with his mom later, Kalani leaves the room. (They haven’t been on the best of terms since their fight about money.) Asuelu’s mom is staying with his sister a few hours away but heading back to Samoa soon. Before she does, she wants to see him … and his sister would need to bring her. But Asuelu’s not talking to his sister Tammy, and he knows that Kalani and her family won’t be happy to see her. He eventually decides to pay for a hotel room for his mom. This isn’t going to end well.

Julia and Brandon

Julia’s dream of moving off the farm becomes a reality when she and Brandon sign a lease for a new apartment. In two weeks, they’ll be moving in, but they haven’t told his parents yet. In fact, they decide the best way to do that is to bring them to see the new place and get their opinions on it first. And this comes as his parents don’t think Brandon and Julia are ready financially to have their own place.

There’s not much of a view, Brandon’s parents note. The bedroom’s small. There isn’t a fire escape. It’s on the sixth floor. Only one window opens. That’s when Brandon says they signed a lease. “For this one?” his mom Betty asks. Awkward. His dad Ron thinks Julia’s manipulating him. And yes, Brandon does feel guilty that his parents won’t have anyone to help on the farm, but he knows his wife can’t wait to get away from it all. He felt stuck in the middle, and he had to make a choice.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 11 Betty


Angela and Michael

Since their breakup, Angela has refused to talk to Michael (and is smoking again), so he’s now trying to reach her by calling her daughter Skyla. (Angela blocked him on WhatsApp and Facebook.) Still, she does see her lawyer Lew’s point that they do deserve a chance as a couple and eventually calls her husband. It doesn’t take long for the yelling to start, for her to refuse to stop talking when he tells her to, and for Angela to eventually hang up. She wishes Michael had said he missed her and he’s sorry and gotten her mind off the argument, she admits to a producer. It really doesn’t look like these two can reconcile.

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