‘Love, Victor’ Season 2 Finale: Did Victor Choose Benji or Rahim? (POLL)

'Love, Victor,' Michael Cimino as Victor, Season 2 Finale, 'Love, Victor' Season 2 Finale: Who's House Did Victor Go To? (POLL), Featured Image

Following the style of the Season 1 finale, Love, Victor Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger, with Victor (Michael Cimino) standing outside the door of one of his two love interests.

Though Season 2 starts off with Victor in a relationship with Benji (George Sear), the couple quickly ends up in rocky water as tensions with Victor’s teammates and mother, Isabel (Ana Ortiz), put a strain on their relationship. After the two decide to take a break, Victor begins to connect with Pilar’s (Isabella Ferreira) friend Rahim (Anthony Keyvan), making him question which relationship is the right one.

Below, we’re looking at all of the reasons why Victor would choose Benji or Rahim at the end of Love, Victor Season 2. Read through and pick whose door you think Victor went to in the poll below!

'Love, Victor,' George Sear as Benji, 'Love, Victor' Season 2 Finale: Who's House Did Victor Go To? (POLL), Featured Image

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The Case for Benji

Season 1 ended with Benji and Victor officially together after sharing a kiss at the Spring Fling dance. As they make their relationship public in Season 2, the drama of the real world makes things much more complicated.

The two face many ups and downs throughout the season. Early on, Victor quits the basketball team after his teammates express discomfort sharing a locker room with him. Benji’s group of friends applaud Victor’s choice, as they aren’t fans of jocks. Fed up, Victor says to Andrew (Mason Gooding) in Episode 5, “I’m too gay for the locker room, but I’m not gay enough for Benji and his friends. So, where do I belong?” Eventually, Victor re-joins the team after they show their support by dying their hair pink. Benji apologizes for his and his friends’ behavior by surprising Victor with the “Go Grizzlies” dance.

The couple’s downfall truly begins at Benji’s birthday dinner when Victor finds out about Benji’s sobriety and that he has been going to AA meetings for the past year. Victor understands why Benji didn’t tell him, but is also upset that Benji wasn’t open with him in the way he has been encouraging Victor to be throughout the season. After a heated fight, Victor invites Benji over to apologize, and the two are later caught by Isabel having sex. Benji gets mad at Isabel, saying she wouldn’t be upset if Victor was having sex with a girl. Later, Benji finds out that Victor told Rahim about his AA meetings, leading him to decide they need a break.

In the season finale, Isabel shows up at Brasstown Coffee and apologizes to Benji for her behavior, telling him that she’s never seen Victor “put more of himself into anything” than their relationship. He decides to surprise Victor at Mia’s (Rachel Hilson) father’s wedding, only to see him dancing with Rahim. He walks away upset, questioning if Victor still wants to be with him.

Why would Victor choose Benji? Not only is Benji Victor’s first love, but he helped Victor discover who he is and who he wanted to be. Despite their many struggles in Season 2, the love these two have for each other is clear. If they are meant to be, they are certainly willing to fight for it.

'Love, Victor,' Anthony Keyvan as Rahim, 'Love, Victor' Season 2 Finale: Who's House Did Victor Go To? (POLL), Featured Image

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The Case for Rahim

After publicly announcing his relationship with Benji to the whole school, Pilar’s closeted friend Rahim feels inspired to reach out to Victor for advice on coming out to his own family. Similar to Victor, Rahim is nervous to come out to his religious Muslim parents. Their relationship somewhat mirrors that of Victor and Simon’s (Nick Robinson), with Victor taking on the mentor role this time around.

In Episode 6, Victor is surprised at Isabel’s acceptance of Rahim at their family dinner, even after he mentions he’s gay. Rahim accidentally overhears Victor calling Benji after their big fight, but Victor confides in him about how Benji doesn’t understand that his mom is trying her best to be accepting. Rahim relates to him, saying, “How can you love your parents when you hate a lot of what they believe in? But you do, because you know how much they sacrificed to build a life for you.”

Seeing Victor’s discomfort after his breakup with Benji, Rahim convinces Victor to skip school with him. At lunch, Rahim tells Victor he came out to his parents the night before and that they were surprisingly accepting, having known he was gay for many years. Victor convinces Rahim to meet up with a guy he liked on a dating app that afternoon, but the guy turns him down after their meeting. To cheer him up, they sneak into a gay bar and sing a karaoke duet together before being busted by Isabel.

Victor takes Rahim to the wedding after Benji bails, and the two have a great time. When Benji arrives and sees them slow dancing together, Victor chases after him. After Benji leaves, Rahim says that even though he never meant to get in the way of their relationship, he does like Victor and thinks he likes him back, too. He kisses Victor and tells him to let him know if he feels the same.

Why would Victor choose Rahim? Rahim can relate to Victor’s struggles of being gay in an unaccepting culture. Despite adding to the strain between Victor and Benji, he never had an agenda to do so. Perhaps Victor could want a break from the Benji drama and choose Rahim, who liked him just the way he was right from the start.