7 Burning Questions for a Potential ‘Love, Victor’ Season 3

Love Victor Season 2 Lake Felix Benji
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2 of Love, Victor.]

There have been two seasons of Love, Victor, and both end with major cliffhangers. After the first left off with Victor (Michael Cimino) coming out to his parents, the second has fans wondering just what his love life is going to look like in a potential third season. (The series has yet to be renewed by Hulu.)

Though Victor and Benji (George Sear) start the season together, they do take a break. Victor grows close with his sister Pilar’s (Isabella Ferreira) friend Rahim (Anthony Keyvan), who turns to him for advice on coming out to his parents. By the end of the season, Victor’s faced with a choice: get back together with Benji or pursue something with Rahim.

Victor’s best friend Felix (Anthony Turpel) also has a choice to make in the finale: girlfriend Lake (Bebe Wood), after they’ve had problems resulting from her trying to help his mother (Betsy Brandt), or Pilar, who kisses him. But Lake may have another love interest on the horizon.

In non-romantic cliffhangers, Mia (Rachel Hilson) struggles with family problems in Season 2, and after her dad (Mekhi Phifer) makes a decision without her, she makes a bold move of her own.

Scroll down for seven questions we need answered if Love, Victor returns for more.

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Love Victor Season 2 Benji
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Who is Victor's choice?

The season ended with Victor realizing who he wanted to be with (“Hi,” he greets the person) but the only indication as to whose door he’s standing at is the doorbell. Would a Season 3 see him and Benji back together? Or might he have decided to see where his growing feelings for Rahim could take them?

Love Victor Season 2 - Victor (Michael Cimino) and Rahim (Anthony Keyvan)
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Will that choice stick?

It’s always possible that a third season starts with Victor with the guy he chose but they don’t stay together. Maybe he’s at Benji’s door but winds up with Rahim at the end of Season 3. Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe he ends the season single. Anything is possible, especially with TV high school romances.

Felix (Anthony Turpel) and Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) in Love Victor - Season 2
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Will Felix and Pilar's relationship last?

Fans did get to see Felix’s choice in the finale: Pilar. But while the two did bond as she was there for him while he was going through everything with his mother and Victor was OK with his best friend and his sister being together in theory, who knows what could happen in a Season 3?

Ava Capri as Lucy and Bebe Wood as Lake in Love Victor - Season 2 - 'Close Your Eyes'
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Will Lake and Lucy be the next new Creekwood couple?

Things might be very awkward between exes Lake and Felix at the finale wedding, but the former does seem to make a connection with classmate Lucy (Ava Capri). Lucy admits that she saw Lake with “someone totally different,” and the other girl smiles. Lucy then asks if she wants to hang out since she’s done with catering, and Lake’s answer is clearly yes.

Love Victor Season 2 Mia
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What will happen when Mia meets her mom?

After Mia’s father reveals that he took the job at Stanford he said he’d turned down for her, he admits through her bedroom door, “I think I made a big mistake.” But she’s not inside. Instead, she’s with her boyfriend Andrew (Mason Gooding), heading to see her mom. (This comes after Mia had deleted an email from her mother, who was reaching out, earlier in the season.)

Love Victor - Season 2 - Isabel (Ana Ortiz) and Armando (James Martinez)
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Will Isabel and Armando be able to make it work?

Victor’s parents start the season separated (though do sleep together during it), and his dad even starts seeing Shelby (Julie Benz), whom he met at a PFLAG meeting. However, though Armando (James Martinez) first goes to see Shelby, he and Isabel (Ana Ortiz) end the season kissing.

Love Victor, Season 2 - Josh Duhamel
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Will there be another Love, Simon cameo?

Nick Robinson, who played Simon in the original film, serves as an executive producer, and his character has offered Victor advice over the two seasons. (In the Season 2 finale, Victor realizes he doesn’t have to rely on Simon anymore.) And Josh Duhamel, who played Simon’s dad in the movie, appeared in the third episode this season, offering Victor’s dad some advice after a PFLAG meeting. If the series is renewed, will anyone else show up?