Shark Week 2021: Every New Special Airing & Streaming This July

Shark Academy discovery shark week

Shark Week is nearly here as the annual TV event returns for its 33rd year with even bigger sharks and more record-breaking breaches beginning Sunday, July 11.

Get ready for 45 hours of new shark programming as Shark Week takes viewers to new locations to study shark behaviors and more. Leading up to Shark Week, Discovery and discovery+ will celebrate sharks all month long with a shark movie festival across the network and streaming platform. Films like the Sharknado series, Mega Shark vs. Octopus, Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, 2-Head Shark Attack, and 3-Head Shark Attack will be available on discovery+. Meanwhile, Discovery will air Jaws on July 10 at 8/7c in anticipation of Shark Week’s kick-off.

Pre-premieres of Shark Week shows such as Return to Headstone Hell, Mega Predators of Oz, and Return to Shark Vortex are already streaming on discovery+. Among Shark Week 2021’s highlights are two documentaries, Fin (July 13) and Envoy: Shark Cull (July 1), available exclusively on discovery+.

Shark Week’s first-ever shark series, Shark Academy, also arrives on discovery+ beginning July 11 along with shark-themed episodes of Josh Gates Tonight. For a peek at the “fincredible” programming lineup, check out our roundup, below. (*Note: All specials airing on Discovery will also be available on discovery+).

Sunday, July 11

shark week great white

(Credit: Discovery)

Sharkbait with David Dobrik (discovery+)

Streaming exclusively on discovery+, this special sees David Dobrok and friends come face to face with sharks during a not-so-routine dive. Produced by Pilgrim Media Group.

Crikey! It’s Shark Week (8/7c, Discovery)

Robert Irwin comes face to face with a Great White Shark alongside conservationists Paul de Gelder and Madison Stewart. Produced by Eureka Productions.

Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week (9/8c, Discovery)

Tiffany Haddish hosts the annual TV event with hopes of uncovering the secrets of shark sex, but Dr. Toby Daly-Engel, Dr. Craig O’Connell, and Alannah Vellacott are there to give her a sharky wake-up call. Produced by Will Packer, Will Packer Media and Anomaly Entertainment.

Jackass Shark Week Special (10/9c, Discovery)

Jonny Knoxville sends Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and new Jackass cast members on a Shark Week adventure aided by the help of Dr. Craig O’Connell. Produced by Jeff Tremaine and Anomaly Entertainment.

Monday, July 12

Air Jaws shark week discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

Stranger Sharks (discovery+)

Exclusively streaming on discovery+, this special sees Mark Rober team up with Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp for an ultimate Shark Week adventure. Produced by Spoke Studios.

Air Jaws: Going for Gold (8/7c, Discovery)

Narrated by Chris Rose, the Air Jaws team returns to Seal Rock to capture the highest breach ever recorded. Produced by Shark Entertainment.

Jaws Awakens: Phred vs. Slash (9/8c, Discovery)

Brandon McMillan and Dickie Chivell head out to New Zealand to see which big sharks are the largest, Phred or Slash. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment.

Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek (10/9c, Discovery)

Josh Gates links up with William Shatner to boldly go where Shark Week has never gone before. Produced by Ping Pong Productions.

Tuesday, July 13

shark week great white

(Credit: Discovery)

Great White Comeback (discovery+)

Alison Towner, Enrico Gennari, and Andy Casagrande head out on an investigation to uncover the mystery behind missing Great Whites in South Africa. Produced by Hazmat Productions.

MotherSharker (8/7c, Discovery)

A team of experts sets out to learn where tiger sharks give birth, bringing to light the resolution of an ongoing mystery. Produced by Red Rock Films.

Brad Paisley’s Shark Country (9/8c, Discovery)

Country star Brad Paisley joins comedian JB Smoove in the Bahamas to attract some new fans with the help of Dr. Austin Gallagher. Produced by Critical Content.

The Spawn of El Diablo (10/9c)

Michelle Jewell heads to South Africa where the possible mating ground inhabited by the mega-shark El Diablo is located. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment.

Wednesday, July 14

discovery shark week tiger shark

(Credit: Discovery)

Tiger Queen (discovery+)

Shark enthusiast Kinga Philipps joins Dr. Austin Gallagher to investigate the mystery behind a largely female population of tiger sharks in Turks and Caicos. Produced by Ping Pong Productions.

MechaShark (8/7c, Discovery)

Researchers build a submersible mechanical shark to track down New Zealand’s monster great whites and uncover mating patterns. Produced by Lucky 8.

The Real Sharknado (9/8c, Discovery)

Sharknado stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid pick up their chainsaws once again with the help of Dr. Tristan Guttridge to see if a real Sharknado could happen. Produced by Ping Pong Productions.

Return to Lair of the Great White (10/9c, Discovery)

Dr. Craig O’Connell and Marc Payne follow a trail to a discovery that could change everything people know about great whites. Produced by Talesmith.

Thursday, July 15

shark week Discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

Raging Bulls (discovery+)

Paul De Gelder joins Johan Gustafson to uncover why bull sharks are becoming more aggressive hunters. Produced by Stephen David Entertainment.

Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week (8/7c, Discovery)

Dr. Sandra Lee travels to Turks and Caicos with Dr. Austin Gallagher to explore the world of shark skin. Produced by Ping Pong Productions.

Sharkadelic Summer 2 (9/8c, Discovery)

Snoop Dogg helps break down if this summer will be the sharkiest on record. Produced by Anomaly Entertainment.

Mega Jaws of Bird Island (10/9c, Discovery)

With South African great whites on the brink of extinction, experts are searching for the last female breeder around the waters of Bird Island. Produced by Shark Entertainment.

Friday, July 16

hammerhead shark week Discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

Extinct or Alive: Jaws of Alaska (discovery+)

International wildlife biologist Forrest Galante travels the world in search of rare and elusive wildlife in this special streaming exclusively on discovery+. Produced by Hot Snakes Media.

Ninja Sharks: Mutants Rising (8/7c, Discovery)

Experts take a look at three sharks that have developed unique and deadly ninja skills. Produced by Future Legend Films.

Monster Sharks of Andros Island (9/8c, Discovery)

shark researchers travel to Andros Island to find out if it’s a new great hammerhead hostpot. Produced by Hazmat Productions.

Mystery of The Black Demon Shark (10/9c, Discovery)

Forrest Galante hunts for answers surrounding a legendary shark known as El Demonio Negro, a supposedly 50-foot shark that’s terrorized fisherman and tourists in the Baja Peninsula. Produced by Hot Snakes Media.

I Was Prey: Terrors of the Deep 2 (11/10c, Discovery)

Two adventure seekers recount their shark attack experiences. Produced by Hit + Run Creative.

Saturday, July 17

shark week Discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

Rogue Tiger Shark: The Hunt for Lagertha (discovery+)

Experts team up off the coast of Costa Rica to uncover the mystery behind a shark named Lagertha. Produced by Arrow Media.

Return to Shark Vortex (8/7c, Discovery)

As the Shark Vortex retreats in the fall, sharks battle it out for dominance in the icy waters of New England. Experts brave the rough seas to capture footage of the event. Produced by Lucky 8.

Shark Week Best In Show (9/8c, Discovery)

This special takes a look back over the last year through the lens of sharks. Produced by Main Event Media.

I Was Prey: Shark Week 2021 (10/9c)

Survivors recount their harrowing shark attack experiences. Produced by Hit + Run Creative.

Sunday, July 18

shark week Discovery

(Credit: Discovery)

The Great Hammerhead Stakeout (discovery+)

Dr. Tristan Guttridge and James Glancy travel to Andros Island to investigate reports of an exclusive population of giant hammerheads. Produced by Big Wave Productions.

Shark Academy (10/9c, Discovery)

Follow eight men and women on a six-week crash course to secure a coveted crew spot on shark scientist Dr. Riley Elliott’s next expedition. (Streaming on discovery+ beginning July 11) Produced by Double Act.