‘When Sharks Attack’ Sneak Peek: The Cause for a Spike Sounds Like a B-Movie Plot (VIDEO)

SharkFest meets a Syfy movie in When Sharks Attack … sort of.

In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from the premiere special When Sharks Attack to kick off National Geographic’s event, the possible cause for a spike in shark attacks in Maui in 2016 may very well be something you’d expect to hear in one of those made-for-TV movies.

“For the past 20 years, the island of Maui averaged just two or three shark attacks per year. But in 2016, that number more than doubles,” the special reveals. “So what’s behind this spike? One disturbing theory is connected to an event that gripped the planet, and it sounds ripped from a B-movie plot. Around five years before the spike, an earthquake and ensuing tsunami triggered a disaster at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.”

In the following days, radioactive isotopes leaked into the Pacific Ocean, affected marine creatures, and began spreading. Watch the clip above for more to find out how that all connects back to what happened to Hawaii.

When Sharks Attack takes a look at the world’s beaches turning deadly when sharks descend, shocking the local community and sending scientists reeling as they examine what causes these spikes in activity and how they might be prevented. It leads into Chris Hemsworth‘s special, Shark Beach.

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Enric Sala/National Geographic

The rest of SharkFest’s originals, premiering through July 15 on National Geographic, includes Rogue Shark?Orca vs. Great WhiteShark GangsCroc That Ate JawsShark Attack Files, and Killer Shark vs. Killer Whale.

When Sharks Attack, Monday, July 5, 8/7c, National Geographic (Streaming, Friday, July 9, Disney+; Encore Presentation, Monday, August 2, 8/7c, Nat Geo WILD)