What Could Each ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Star Make Per Instagram Post?

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast
Tom Dymond/Netflix

The second season of Too Hot to Handle just hit Netflix, but the stars of the no-sex-allowed dating show are no doubt cashing in on their reality TV fame already.

All 10 cast members have racked up five- or six-digit Instagram follower counts, but who could earn the most from their social media presence? To find out, Vera Clinic used Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator, which estimates earnings based on popularity and engagement.

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And the researchers found that the Season 2 guys have more potential earnings than the gals, with $2,850 of combined earnings per post compared to the women’s $1,540.

“Some may say it’s surprising that the boys are earning more than the girls overall on Instagram; as with other reality TV shows, such as Love Island, the girls out-earn the boys due to more opportunities to work with makeup and clothing brands,” Waleed Taleb, brand expert at Vera Clinic, said in a statement. “However, it seems on this [season] of Too Hot To Handle, the boys will be getting more brand deals. Perhaps the female influencer market is saturated.”

Here’s what each Too Hot to Handle Season 2 star could earn per post, according to the clinic’s researchers.

Marvin (@marvin.anthony_): $1,206.25

As of the time of this check-in, the Paris native and influencer has 326k followers. He also has the biggest potential Instagram payday.

Peter (@petervigilante): $572.50

The personal trainer from the Big Apple has 133k Instagram fans.

Chase (@chasedemoor): $433.50

120k users currently follow this pro football player on the ‘gram.

Emily (@emilyfayemillerr): $405.75

“A little party never killed nobody,” this London model tells her 167k followers in her bio. She leads Season 2’s women in potential Instagram earnings.

Kayla (@kaylajean.official): $399.25


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A post shared by Kayla Carter (@kaylajean.official)

The bartender and model from the sunshine state has so far amassed 93.6k followers.

Melinda (@melinda_melrose): $381.25

This New Yorker shows off her modeling skills to her 108k followers.

Nathan (@nathankwebb): $343.25


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A post shared by Nathan Webb (@nathankwebb)

56.3k followers track this English-born stripper’s life in Texas.

Cam (@camholmess): $307.50

The so-called “sexy nerd from South Wales” has so far charmed 169k Instagram users.

Carly (@carlylawrence_): $188.75

This Canadian model is on par with Melinda, with 108k followers to her name.

Larissa (@larissa_trownson): $180

This New Zealand-based lawyer brings up the rear with only 40.1k followers. Still, that’s far more than we non-reality stars have!