‘Deadliest Catch’ Pays Tribute to Late Crew Member Nick McGlashan

Nick MacGlashan Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch paid tribute to one of its crew members during an emotional episode season premiere Tuesday, June 15..

Crab fisherman Nick McGlashan died last December of a drug overdose at just 33 years old. McGlashan had been a regular part of the Discovery Channel reality series since joining in 2013 and news of his passing sent shockwaves throughout the crew.

Cameras captured the moment when McGlashan’s crewmates learned of the tragic news. “Oh my God,” was the immediate reaction from boat captain ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski as he received a telephone call at the start of the latest episode. The cameras then followed the fallout and reaction as McGlashan’s friends and colleagues tried to come to grips with the heartbreaking news.

“I’ve got text messages and words going around that Nick McGlashan passed away,” Captain Sig Hansen said. “Nick was a part of Summer Bay and pretty much every boat Bill’s been running lately. Bill, you know, treated him as family. I couldn’t imagine what he’s going through right now, but hopefully Bill will make this season happen, assuming he even comes up at all. I don’t know the status and where Bill’s head is at.”

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After digesting the news, Wichrowski organized a special tribute to his late friend on the water, with every boat from the show in attendance, as well as McGlashan’s family. “I lost a trusted friend, an outstanding employee, and a brother in life,” Wichrowski said in his speech. “We’re gonna say goodbye to Nick McGlashan, but he’ll always be with us. Love you, Nick. Love everything about you. I love you guys for coming in for this. I’m really blown away. Thank you.”

The memorial ended with the crew throwing McGlashan’s hook into the water for one last time and setting off expired flares. Deadliest Catch fans also shared their reactions and tributes during Tuesday’s episode.

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