‘Betty’ Showrunner Crystal Moselle Previews ‘Authentic’ Season 2 Storylines

Betty Season 2 HBO cast
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The girls are back and still skating in HBO’s Betty. The series centering on women skateboarders in New York City sees the friends tackling new challenges in a pandemic-afflicted world.

While the virus isn’t a primary topic it does influence some of their paths. “I think that for me, it’s just all about staying super authentic to their experiences at that time and their worlds,” creator and director Crystal Moselle says.

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The new HBO series is based on the 2018 film 'Skate Kitchen.'

“People are still wearing masks, people not wearing masks, and people are in their pods. Young people are not completely paying attention, but we didn’t want to draw attention to any of those things. It’s just the reality of [it],” Moselle continues.

And despite the hardships that the girls at the center of this series face, they’re there for each other through thick and thin. Even after some bumps in the road during Season 1, nothing is getting in the way of their good time in Season 2. “They’re on a great vibe by the end of Season 1,” says Moselle. “So Season 2 is just really about what’s the next step in their lives? Like where are they up to next?”

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Returning in the skating crew are Kirt (Nina Moran), Janay (Dede Lovelace), Honeybear (Moonbear), Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), and Indigo (Ajani Russell). Kirt deals with an unexpected leadership role, showing the male skaters the proper way to interact with women. “Everything’s learning and experience for her,” teases Moselle, “she has a mission.” Whether she’ll be able to complete that mission without complications will remain to be seen.

As for Indigo, she’s in the market for a new job, “she’s trying something that’s out of her comfort zone and putting her best foot forward into something that she doesn’t know anything about,” previews Moselle who remains mum on further details for this character’s journey.

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Honeybear in the meantime is focusing on her relationship with girlfriend Ash (Katerina Tannenbaum) which began last season. They’re “exploring an open relationship and what that means and how that works and also exploring communication and boundaries,” shares Moselle.

Camille’s Season 2 storyline involves working with a brand and explores what influencer life in the skating world looks like. “I’ve seen these brands approach [the girls in real life] and give them high expectations and then deliver in a low volume way,” notes Moselle. “Everybody wants to be like influencers these days. And like it’s not for everybody,” she continues. “There’s a lot of people getting taken advantage of by these like bigger corporations.”

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As for Janay, she’s getting a new roommate in Season 2 with her chef cousin Jzabel (Roblé Ali) finding shelter with her. He’ll inspire Janay, as she and the girls are searching for an indoor skating location, to give back to the community. Jzabel gives back by cooking for seniors, something the actor actually does in real life. “I thought that was cool to bring that storyline in and to show a way that people are helping [others] during this time.”

See it unfold as Betty returns for Season 2 on HBO.

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