4 Characters Who Could Be in Trouble in the ‘Fear TWD’ Season 6 Finale (and 4 We Think Are Safe)

fear the walking dead morgan jones season 6 episode 15
Ryan Green/AMC
Ryan Green/AMC

Well, another Walking Dead-show finale is upon us, and you know what that (probably) means: Someone’s not making it out alive.

Really, the majority of the main characters could die in Fear the Walking Dead‘s June 13 Season 6 ender; there are 10 nuclear warheads in the air, and if they all don’t make it to safety soon, it’s curtains. But we assume at least some of the characters will survive — just as we’re assuming at least one main character won’t.

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Here are our picks for possible deaths and likely survivors.

fear the walking dead season 7 episode 14 mother alicia clark alycia debnam carey

SURVIVE: Alicia Clark

Of the show’s characters, she’s probably the safest given that she’s currently in a bunker stocked with supplies and is part of Teddy’s (John Glover) plan for a new beginning. Unless she finds a way to go outside for some reason and gets stuck there, it’s darn near a certainty that she’ll end up seeing Season 7.

FTWD season 6 episode 5 honey austin amelio dwight

IN DANGER: Dwight and/or Sherry

The finale trailer seems rather foreboding for these two, with Sherry (Christine Evangelista) telling her husband, “if we’re going to die, this is how I want to go out.” Granted, neither of them are getting suspicious amounts of screentime lately — a sure harbinger of doom on TWD shows. But they did just make up after fighting pretty much the whole season, which ties up their conflict nicely… and would make it all the more heartbreaking if one of them died.

colman domingo fear the walking dead season 6 episode 15 victor strand

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There’s just too much interesting story to be mined from Strand’s (Colman Domingo) current state to kill him off now. With his recent betrayal of Morgan (Lennie James), he’s likely not welcome with his current group anymore, so where will he go and what will he do? What state of mind is he in? Is he truly back to his conman ways? We need answers to these questions, all of which would be irrelevant if he dies. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

fear the walking dead season 6 episode 7 alycia debnam carey alicia clark dakota

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We could upgrade this from “in danger” to “nearly certain to die,” given how she’s walking hand-in-hand with Teddy outside in the finale preview. Dakota (Zoe Colletti) chose to die as herself rather than live as a non-authentic version of her sociopathic self in USS Pennsylvania, so we’re pretty confident the nukes will claim her and Teddy, at least.

Fear The Walking Dead june jenna elfman

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Just like Strand, there’s too much to be mined from June Dorie’s (Jenna Elfman) story for her to die now. She’s just turned over a new leaf and started being a little more ruthless, which was exciting to see — plus, she’s currently the only doctor on the show, so she’s needed for plot reasons. We also doubt the show would kill John (Garret Dillahunt) and his wife in the same half-season. Then again, this is also a show that killed two-thirds of the Clark family in the first half of Season 4, so who knows?

John Dorie Sr. Keith Carradine Fear The Walking Dead

Ryan Green/AMC

IN DANGER: John Dorie, Sr.

Keith Carradine has been a wonderful addition to the show, but the thing he’s after puts him directly in harm’s way: Revenge. If his mission to end Teddy keeps him outside while the rest of the group hunkers in bunkers, it’s possible we’ll have to say goodbye to the elder John Dorie.

FTWD season 6 episode 5 honey althea maggie grace


We’re fairly confident Al (Maggie Grace) will survive to Season 7, mostly because we haven’t seen her in several episodes and it would feel random to bring her back and then kill her all at once. Plus, she’s the group’s strongest link to CRM, which is an integral part of the TWD universe: If she dies, her knowledge of the Civil Republic Military dies with her.

fear the walking dead morgan jones season 6 episode 15


Okay, hear us out. We’re still about 80% sure Morgan lives and goes on to Season 7, since he has extremely thick plot armor. But realistically, he was shoved into a crowd of walkers with nothing but a broken staff. It’s possible he was bitten. There’s also a possibility he ends up going with Al and CRM over to the Rick (Andrew Lincoln) movies. You’ve gotta admit: A Rick and Morgan reunion would be cool.

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