‘In The Dark’ Goes on the Run in Season 3 First Look Trailer (VIDEO)

In The Dark returns for Season 3 this summer and we have your exclusive first look at the explosive action taking place with a new trailer and key art.

In just the span of three seasons, Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld) has gone from a lazy receptionist to a drunken vigilante detective to a drug front proprietor. When Season 3 picks up, the blind woman is on the run.

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'In The Dark': Perry Mattfeld Teases Murphy's Biggest Threat in Season 2 (VIDEO)

And will Murphy's canine companion, Pretzel, get some romance this season? We found out!

Joining Murphy on the run are her best friend Jess (Brooke Markham), their annoying friend Felix (Morgan Krantz), and Murphy’s ex, Max (Casey Deidrick) who find themselves faced with a serious dilemma. The crew is evading authorities in hopes of not being caught for murder.

The catch is, law enforcement aren’t the only one looking for them. The group are also wanted by a high-powered drug kingpin named Josiah (played by guest star Maurice Compte). In an attempt to stay out of the crosshairs, they’ll seek the help of Darnell (Keston John) and his friend Trey (guest star Dewshane Williams).

in the dark season 3 key art

(Credit: The CW)

As for federal agent Josh Wallace (Theodore Bhat), who had a short-lived relationship with Murphy, he’ll learn about her involvement in the most important case of his career. He’ll team up with Chicago PD officer Gene Clemmons (Matt Murray) in an effort to put Murphy and her friends away, but can he win this cat and mouse game?

Check out the trailer and key art above, and don’t miss In The Dark when it returns to The CW this summer.

In The Dark, Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday, June 23, 9/8c, The CW