‘Lucifer’: Who’s Going to Take Over for God? Plus, [Spoiler] Confesses to Murder (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Lucifer Season 5, Episode 13 “A Little Harmless Stalking.”]

How far will a mother go to protect her child? In Lucifer‘s “A Little Harmless Stalking” she confesses to murder.

During the latest case, everyone else finally finds out what only the demon Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) knew — Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) has a daughter, Adriana (Alexandra Grossi). But can Linda continue to keep the truth from her daughter?

Meanwhile, Maze runs into a blast from her past on the job, and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) figure out the next steps after their father, God (Dennis Haysbert), announced his plans to retire.

A Mother’s Love

At the scene of a robbery gone wrong, everything seems straightforward, until Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) tries to warn Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Lucifer that it’s actually not. Their confession comes from none other than Linda, whose deepest desire, she tells Lucifer when he uses his ability on her, is to protect her child. Since they only know of her baby, Charlie, they’re understandably confused.

It’s when Maze joins them that the truth actually comes out. Linda’s been doing a little light stalking of her daughter (“keeping an eye on her from a distance,” she calls it) and followed her into the house that was robbed. Since she hadn’t seen anyone else and refuses to believe that Adriana’s a murderer, she wanted to buy her time to get away while they found the real killer.

But then Adriana shows up at the police station and confesses. She was the victim’s realtor and knew he’d be out of town, but he came home early, she claims. Linda insists she’s lying and points them in the direction of a man she saw Adriana arguing with: Clive, who has quite the expensive painting in his not-so-expensive house. That, and information from Adriana’s boyfriend Owen lead them to an art gallery that sells stolen paintings on the side. The gallery’s owner, Jamie, uses Clive as her muscle.

But when Maze and Eve (Inbar Lavi) — more on that in a bit — track down Clive to a warehouse, they find the murder weapon, with Adriana’s print on it. Linda still refuses to believe her daughter’s a killer because then she’s “to blame,” she tells Lucifer. “It’s my fault she’s broken.”

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It turns out Adriana got into the scheme to protect her adoptive mother; she’s sick and the treatment is expensive. But her only role was pointing Jamie and Clive in the direction of the houses to rob. She didn’t kill anyone, nor did she send Clive a text about a last-minute change to the victim’s travel plans. Owen did, which Linda figures out since she was stalking Adriana and saw him step outside to text someone during a movie.

Linda confronts Owen and tries to force him to turn himself in at gunpoint. She feels it’s the one thing she can do as Adriana’s mother. Fortunately, Lucifer and Chloe show up, and with Owen under arrest, Linda does save her daughter. But even when she runs into Adriana at the police station, Linda still doesn’t tell her who she is; her friends (Lucifer and Chloe) were helping her, the doctor claims. “I do think it should be her choice, but if I’m being honest, I guess, I’m afraid of rejection,” Linda admits to Lucifer.

To her surprise, Adriana stops by her home later that evening to thank her for helping with her case. That’s not all she figured out, however. She also knows that Linda’s her biological mom. (She initially suspected when Linda showed up at an open house she did earlier in the season.) And when Charlie begins fussing, Adriana gets to meet her brother. There’s no drama, just a heartwarming moment.

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A Re-Meet Cute?

Can a demon grow a soul? That’s what Maze took her and God’s last conversation to mean (though she had hilariously thought a soul would be “a thing I could eat maybe, or a sugary cloud you could breathe in, or something”). And that plays right into the events of her reunion with none other than Eve!

Maze runs into her not-exactly ex while chasing down Clive; Eve’s already there and attacks her. After, Eve explains that when she went to find herself — and she figured out she was happiest when they went after a guy for a case together. She’s decided to become a bounty hunter and wants Maze to teach her. The demon reluctantly agrees.

It’s when they’re tracking Clive that Maze calls Eve out on her novice act. The way she fought shows she knows what she’s doing. She lied earlier, Eve admits. She wasn’t happiest when she was working as a bounty hunter but, “I was happy because I was with you,” she says. She knows she should’ve figured it out sooner and so she tracked Maze down by her latest bounty. “I engineered an encounter. I thought maybe it’d be romantic,” she says. “But then when you took my mask off, you didn’t exactly jump into my arms. You looked real mad, so I panicked and I lied. I’m sorry.”

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“Of course I was mad,” Maze tells her. “You broke my heart.” While Eve likes hearing that, she does apologize for hurting her, “but I’m here now, and I want to be with you.”

The case interrupts their talk. Eve is shot in the process of taking Clive into custody, and Maze carries her out of the warehouse. It seems like everything’s heading in the right direction at the hospital when the demon admits how scared she was and that she, too, wants to be with Eve … until the other woman refuses to accept the ring with Maze’s mother’s immortality in it. She hopes it’ll make Eve immortal so she never has to hurt like she did when she was shot — she guesses that means she grew a soul — but Eve doesn’t want to live forever. Love isn’t enough (yet?), and Maze can’t be with Eve without that guarantee that she’ll never lose her.

Relationship Limbo

Chloe has enough of the limbo she and Lucifer have been in and confronts him, and he decides they should just be together. If you think that doesn’t help with all the awkwardness between them lately, you’re right. They show up at the crime scene with their arms around each other (which is cute, but completely unnecessary, considering it’s a crime scene). They’re too determined to make everything fine when it’s clearly not.

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Despite claiming that he doesn’t have any emotional reservations about their relationship, Lucifer clearly does, and he opens up a bit about just that while talking to Linda about her daughter. He understands her fear of rejection. “You want to know her, to be with her. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted, but you can’t completely open yourself up because deep down, you actually believe you don’t deserve her love because she’s so perfect and you’re just, well, unworthy,” he says.

Who’s Going to Be God Next?

For Lucifer, that answer is simple: Amenadiel. So, the angel meets with religious figures (at Lux) as part of his research. When Dan asks what that was about (“I’ve had my mind blown figuratively and literally, so I’m pretty sure I can handle it”), Amenadiel fills him in. It’s a little intimidating, the celestial admits.

But by the episode’s end, Amenadiel has changed his mind. It’s not that he doesn’t feel worthy — who else would be? — but he loves his life on Earth and doesn’t want that to change. It would be selfish of him to back out, Amenadiel thinks, but Lucifer has a solution: Someone else could step in. “This is exactly what I need to prove myself,” the devil says. “I’ve just decided: I’m going to be God!”

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