2016 TV Resolution: Catch Up on Old Shows

Marisa Roffman
Twin Peaks
ABC Photo Archives/ABC/Getty Images

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In an era of Peak TV, keeping up on current favorites can be a full-time job. And because of that, occasionally, the thought of tackling great shows that passed us by can be daunting, no matter how short they actually were.

But with Twin Peaks’ revival around the corner, the cult favorite has jumped to the top of my ever-growing “Catch Up on This TV Show ASAP” list.

Sure, the show is set to return to TV (on Showtime) in 2017, but part of my rush is getting the experience the anticipation/wait along with the original fans. I watched The X-Files and Heroes in their original runs, and the lead-up to their respective premieres was filled with nostalgia. It can’t be the same here, but I’d love to have a few months of speculating with friends what the heck Twin Peaks has in store for us all these years later.

On a slightly different note, catching the holiday Twilight Zone marathons on TV is one of my favorite things to do. But as much as I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve never taken the time to set out to watch the entire series as a whole. I’m sure there are episodes I’ve missed along the way—especially the hour-long ones—so I want to make that a secondary priority this year.

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