10 New Year’s TV Resolutions for 2016

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2016 TV Resolutions

New Year, New TV Goals

From enjoying TV's guilty pleasures to the fullest to finally(!) clearing an overstuffed DVR, here are some of the resolutions TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine staff have committed to for 2016. Which ones would you agree with, or make on your own?
Face Off
Jordin Althaus/Syfy

Matt Roush, Senior Critic: 'Feel Less Guilty About TV's Guilty Pleasures'

"I resolve: To feel less guilty about TV's guilty pleasures. No slight on the important (and sometimes self-important, you know who you are) shows I regularly cover and often champion, but my resolution for 2016 is to find more time for the shows I simply enjoy (like my beloved Face Off) that aren't exactly headline news." More about Matt Roush's resolution.
Chris Large/FX

Aubry D'Arminio, Staff Writer: 'Stop Comparing Every Show to Fargo'

"I love FX’s Fargo. But Fargo has also given me a form of anhedonia, i.e. the inability to derive pleasure from anything that’s not it. So, my resolution is to judge every show on its own merit and to appreciate what’s in front of me. Even Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." More about Aubry's resolution.
Man in the High Castle
Amazon Studios

Rob Moynihan, Senior Writer: 'Set Up My Roku and Start Streaming'

"I confess: I've had a Roku player just sitting in the box for the last six months, begging to be activated. This holiday, it's time to sit down and see what all the fuss is about shows like Hulu's Golden Globe nominated Casual or Amazon's Man in the High Castle." More about Rob's resolution.
Fred Hayes/ABC

Ileane Rudolph, Senior Writer: 'Finally Clear Off the DVR'

"I admit it: I hold on to DVR'd shows way past their sell-by date. So it’s no surprise that my TVs are chock full of recorded but never seen shows (Blood & Oil, alas) persistently reproaching me for disrespecting them. Sorry, friends, it could have been fun, but it’s time to stop procrastinating and hit delete. There’s no excuse for this digital hoarding." More about Ileane's resolution.
Empire - Season 2
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Amanda McGrath, Deputy Digital Director: 'Watch More Live TV'

"What's making TV so damn good these days isn't just that the shows are great (Empire)—it's the fun we have talking about them and engaging with others around them. I'll always be a streaming girl at heart, but in 2016, I'll try to live in the TV moment a little bit more." More about Amanda's resolution.
Twin Peaks

Marisa Roffman, Staff Writer: 'Catch Up on Old Shows'

"Occasionally, the thought of tackling great shows that passed us by can be daunting, no matter how short they actually were. But with Twin Peaks’ revival around the corner, the cult favorite has jumped to the top of my ever-growing 'Catch Up on This TV Show ASAP' list." More about Marisa's resolution.
Game of Thrones - Season 5

Gregory E. Miller, Staff Writer: 'Forget My Fear of Missing Out'

"When it comes to TV, I have a serious FOMO problem. For those of you not up-to-date on your Urban Dictionary, that’s the 'fear of missing out.' This year’s going to be different, and that’s because I resolve to not torture myself by watching things (like Game of Thrones, Mad Men) simply because they are in the zeitgeist." More about Gregory's resolution.
Emma Roberts - Scream Queens
Steve Dietl/FOX

Emily Maas, Editorial Assistant: 'Learn When to Call It Quits'

"I tried to give every single mildly-interesting pilot (like Scream Queens) a season-long commitment. I stayed the course with shows I had previously enjoyed—and missed out on shows I wished I had actually committed to. Starting in 2016, I will try my darnedest to stop watching a show when it stops being entertaining to me." More about Emily's resolution.
Silicon Valley
Frank Masi/HBO

Jason Clark, Associate Editor: 'Write Episodic Dialogue for a Series'

"As a challenge to myself, and as a means to avoid the all-too-easy hate-watching mechanism in my brain, I vow to select a series at random (such as Silicon Valley), and write some lines of dialogue for an imaginary episode." More about Jason's resolution.
The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC

Sherry Huang, Digital Editor/Producer: 'Binge-Watch All of The Walking Dead'

"On a daily basis, everyone near me launches into long (and I do mean long) conversations about the world of walkers. So in the new year, I'm ready to revisit the zombie apocalypse by finishing all the other seasons of TWD." More about Sherry's resolution.
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