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Set in 1890, an Englishwoman arrives in the foreboding terrain of the American West, determined to wreak revenge on the man she blames for her son’s death.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

“I sometimes wonder if there’s horror in us all,” muses fallen Englishwoman Lady Cornelia Locke (an affecting Emily Blunt) in Hugo Blick’s bizarre and grim Western fable, suggesting that the fruited plains of the U.S. West might have been better off without the poisonous influences of the European interlopers (all seen as “English” to natives). Lady Cornelia is on a revenge quest, accompanied by the stoic Pawnee known as Eli Whipp (a growling Chaske Spencer), who left his tribe to serve during the Civil War as a cavalry scout and is now no longer welcome in either world. Watch for the colorful performances, including Rafe Spall as a fiendish shopkeeper in a not-yet-boom town in the new state of Wyoming. They rise above the fatalism of a series (all eight episodes available for a binge) in which the heroine declares, “You think I’m traveling with hope? Just without fear. You know why? ’Cause I’m dead already.” (See the full review.)

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